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Your Holiness. This most serious and important correspondence has been precipitated by some very urgent spiritual matters which concern all Catholics and others - and which need most urgent attention. The primary concern is that the Catholic theological explanation of what happens to us when we die is fundamentally inconsistent with empirically produced results.

Your Holiness has the power, the discretion, the authority, the heavy duty and the great responsibility to ameliorate any fundamentally erroneous theological beliefs.

It is now universally accpeted that for over one hundred years empiricism has taken over afterlife resesarch and the Church no longer has exclusive jurisdiction to deal with the afterlife.

With the greatest respect it is submitted accordingly that whenever there is an inconsistency between theology (subjective personal authority) and science (objective authority based on empirically elicited results), inevitably science will always prevail. The classic example which is now not disputed by the Catholic Church is the Galileo incident where the Church took over 330 years to admit it was theologically fundamentally wrong; science prevailed over entrenched theology.

It is accordingly submitted for reasons hereinafter explained, that the Catholic theological explanation about what happens to us when we cross over is irretrievably erroneous, is not relevant anymore and just like the Galileo incident, has been invalidated by empirical results.

The issue of what happens to us when we die is most urgent, is of immediate importance, is vital to our understanding of the meaning of life -and it is certainly far more serious than the said Galileo case.

Entrenched fourth century Christian theology taught by the Church to-day states that we humans stay in a state of unconsciousness for an indefinite period of time - at the extreme end for up to millions of years by earth's time until Jesus, "… comes to judge the living and the dead." This, I submit, is doing a great deal of immense harm to the millions of Catholics and other Christians who were taught to believe it.

Empirically elicited and validated results tell us that many of those who cross over have a 'conscious transition' and are met by a loved one with whom there has been a heart to heart connection.

Millions of Catholics and millions of others have personally experienced near death experiences and direct after death contact with their loved ones. Information transmitted from the other side has by way of empirically validated mediumship consistently informed us that most people find themselves fully conscious and functioning with all their senses immediately after they pass on from physical earth into the spirit world.

We are consistently told by those who experienced it that crossing over to the other side potentially is one of the most spiritually beautiful, ecstatic experiences we will ever have on this planet earth. And then we continue to live, usually in the third realm where conditions are so indescribably beautiful we call it 'heaven.'

But this empirically validated afterlife description is fundamentally inconsistent with Christian theology. Fact is being separated from fiction. Science is replacing superstition. Empiricism is removing the fear, the terror and the threat of eternal punishment - objective truth is giving us absolute confidence, giving us hope and showing us the way.

Experience shows that most Catholics are terrified of death and know absolutely nothing about after crossing over - or have completely wrong information about what to expect and sadly, many plunge into serious problems in the afterlife as a direct result of the Church's wrong teachings.

Accordingly it is submitted that it is cruel in the extreme for Christians to be instructed in beliefs unsupported by objective authority and to be misled that they will stay unconscious for an indefinite period of time and that their loved ones who have gone before are separated from them and unaware of them.

There have been and there are millions of Catholics in the world to-day who could tell the world that they do get afterlife messages from their loved ones directly and through gifted mediums. I myself was contacted directly by three members of my family - my grandmother who was a most devoted Catholic and both my parents.

Many others witness apparitions of their crossed over loved ones informing them they are very happy where they are. My own mother had an apparition of her mother who told her she was happy where she was and not to worry about her.

Empirical afterlife evidence is contributing to continous spiritual refinement. All the amens, hallellulias, ritual, hymns, confessions, masses, benedictions and religious dogmas are meaningless unless they contribute to continuous spirituality and clear understanding what is definitively going to happen to us when we die.

Individual integrity, intellectual independence, self responsibility, the fundamental right to question religious dogmas and doctrines have replaced collective domination and religious sycophancy and subservience. Empirical spirituality is replacing traditional religiosity.

Ultimately, there is nothing more important, nothing more vital and more critical than continuous spiritual refinement and truth about the human and spiritual condition now and on crossing over.


The text of the Majority Report of the Church of England committee (included Dr F Underhill, Dr W R Matthews, senior lawyer P Sandlands Q.C., Professor (Canon) L W Grenstedappointed) by Archbishop Lang and Archbishop Temple to investigate the afterlife concluded there is evidence that those who passed on are in a position to communicate with us. The result of the investigation was kept secret for some forty years because the results completely embarrassed Christendom

The evidence for afterlife communication is unrebuttable and irrefutable. I submitted over twentyone areas of objective afterlife evidence (see below for *index)


The other related issue for urgent consideration by His Holiness and the cardinals is the Catholic teaching about 'eternal damnation'. Again, empirically elicited information through psychic mediumship shows this not to be correct. Whilst, empiricism supports the Church's teaching that there is a dark sphere - perhaps theologians' closest description is 'hell' - empiricists state that those who go to the low dark realms are NOT condemned to stay in those horrible conditions for eternity.

Further, there is no Biblical authority for the doctrine of eternal damnation. The problem exists because of intentional or accidental mistranslation of the word 'eon.' Historically, the word 'eon' never ever meant 'eternal.' The legitimate definition of the word 'eon' as used at the time of Jesus was a period of time. In Roman/Jesus times it meant the equivalent of one hundred years. A number of times in the Bible, 'eon' is properly translated as a period of time: blasphemy against the Spirit, "... shall not be forgiven either in this 'eon' or in that which is to come …" Further, in the parable of the sower, it is said that some seeds were choked with the cares of this 'eon' …Further still, in the parable of the tares among the wheat Christ explains that "… the harvest would be at the end of this eon …" Even in the passage from Saint Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians "We speak a wisdom not of this 'eon' nor of the rulers of this eon."

In all of these 'eon' was translated correctly to mean a period of time. But whenever 'eon' preceded some punishment, the ecclesiastic translators from the Greek version willfully misinterpreted 'eon' and incorrectly translated it to mean 'eternal.' For example, in Matthew 18:8 where it says, "If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it from you; it is better for you to enter life crippled or lame, than to have two hands or two feet and be cast into the eternal fire" the word that precedes 'fire' is 'Aionios' the adjective from "eon" as it is in Matthew 25:41, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into the eternal fire".

Strangely enough, we are informed from the writings of a book by former Catholic priest, Johannes Greber - from which this has been taken, the original text of Matthew 18:8 did not even contain the word 'eon' but read "into the hell of fire" and Matthew 25:41 originally stated, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into the outer darkness." (1970; 379).

These are most spurious alterations which must be dealt with forthwith by His Holiness and the Vatican cardinals because they constitute wilful misrepresentation and fraud on a global level against mankind.

We must never accept that 'God' - where we are informed is all loving, all forgiving, omniscient, infallible, prescient and omnipotent, has 'inferior' morality than an informed human being.

There will be universal acceptance that no informed human being will ever condemn another human being to 'eternal damnation' for what the Church calls a 'mortal sin' - even, technically, a one off 'mortal' sin - a transgression such as a one-off not attending Church on a Sunday or even one-off sex before marriage or even a one-off five minute what the Church calls 'adultery' with a divorcee.

I submit that the average intelligent Catholic is not accepting 'eternal damnation' and unless theology has substance and unquestioned credibility it will not survive and the Church will inevitably get deeper into crisis.

The Council of Nicea

Much of to-day's theology about the afterlife comes from decisions made by the early Church councils starting from the Council of Nicea in 325AD. It was at this Council that theological beliefs emerged. As a matter of fact, as His Holiness fully is aware, to-day whenever mass service is held, The Creed is recited to affirm the beliefs originally drafted at the Council of Nicea in 325AD. The Creed tells us that Jesus will come again 'to judge the living and the dead' after the dead have been buried for an indeterminate period of time - theoretically thousands - even millions of years. That theology is technically NOT correct and has been invalidated by empirically elicited objective authority.

The decisions made at this Council nearly seventeen hundred years ago were made by highly uninformed participants who did not have the benefit of the vast empirical wisdom accumulated over the last couple of centuries. There is absolutely no doubt that these early decisions were made to satisfy the needs of those early times. I accordingly submit to His Holiness to allow for the 'human error' at this said Council in the same way that theological error was made in the initial uninspired rejection of Galileo's scientific heliocentric view of our solar system.

We are not unaware that for centuries the Church stated it was a 'mortal sin' to eat meat on Fridays which theoretically meant that anyone who intentionally ate a ham sandwich on a Friday and died thereafter was sent to hell for eternity. Rational, logical and appropriate changes were made to make teachings reflect the different epistemology and ontology and changing circumstances of the time.

My expertise as an empiricist and a lawyer tell me that with absolute certainty the afterlife consequences are enormous. The duty for His Holiness to educate Catholics and others is huge and traditional ecclesiastical rigidity has to give way to empirically validated spiritual data which will give peace and spiritual confidence to people knowing what is going to happen to them when they physically die. It will also give them an understanding, an inspired inner knowing, about what is happening to them on this planet earth when their passed-on loved ones make contact with them.

My empirical research will not allow me to accept Catholic doctrine I know with absolute certainty to be fundamentally wrong. A large number of other Catholics who had an afterlife experience feel the same way. There is an enormous, most urgent and insatiable demand for immediate theological changes to accommodate the afterlife empirical findings in order to avoid horrific afterlife experiences.

Theological inertia has to give way to ecclesiastical and spiritual duty to avoid pain and suffering by those crossing over.

I do acknowledge that the Catholic Church has beliefs which are consistent with empirically produced results:
a) that the afterlife exists,
b) that conduct on earth will determine the afterlife experience,
c) that there is a lower realm the Church calls *hell,
d) that there is an intermediate realm which is comparable to the empirically elicited information that there is a realm between the lower realm (*temporary hell) and the upper beautiful realms, theologians call heaven,
e) it is also acknowledged that the Church puts emphasis on 'good works' - spiritual service and does not put much emphasis on the text of the Bible itself.

My research shows that the Vatican does have this afterlife evidence and I submit it is critically urgent in the extreme for His Holiness to effect these stated changes forthwith.

Inevitably, any fundamental omission to remove the false, the egregious errors, the stated misrepresentations will mean severe and heavy negative consequences for the Pope (and the Cardinals and anybody else who advises the Pope).

There is an inevitably, very heavy burden on His Holiness - and the Cardinals to remove the darkness from this planet earth and to disseminate the light on a global level. Their failure to rectify the Church's serious mistaken fundamental beliefs could bring about a negative and powerful punishment for them. They would be personally responsible for misleading many millions of Catholics to end down in the lower realms - something which comes within the law of Cause and Effect: the negativity on to others will have to be experienced by those Cardinals - and the Pope - who had a duty to save the multitude from all pain, suffering and negativity.

*CHAPTERS: (2000 edition) Go to click on BOOK


1. Opening statement
2. Respected scientists who investigated
3. Electronic voice phenomena (EVP)
4, Instrumental transcommunication (ITC)
5, Scole experiments prove the afterlife
6. Einstein's E=mc2(squared) and materialization
7.Other psychic laboratory experiments
8. Scientific observation of mediums
9. Leonore Piper, a most powerful American medium
10. Materialization mediumship
11. Helen Duncan
12. Direct voice mediumship
13. Modern mediums who confound the skeptics
14. The Cross Correspondences
15. Proxy sittings
16. Out of Body Experiences
17. Remote Viewing
18. Science and the Near Death Experience
19. Science and apparitions
20. Deathbed Visions
21. The Ouija Board
22. Xenoglossy
23. Poltergeists
24. Reincarnation
25. Answering the closed minded skeptics
26. Closing statement: summing up the objective evidence
27. What happens when we die?

Victor Zammit, Lawyer of the High Court and Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia (retired). May 2004 email address:

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