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Different Areas of Evidence for the Afterlife


If you ever hear someone say: "Well, nobody has come back from the dead to tell us what it's like". Tell them they are wrong.

Lots of people who have died have been able to have extended conversations
in their own voice
with their loved ones through an independent direct voice medium.

Is it the same as mental mediumship? NO. In mental mediumship only the medium can hear the voice of the spirit usually inside their head.

Is this the same as channelling?
NO. When a person channels, you can still only hear the medium's voice.

Is it the same as trance mediumship? NO. In deep trance mediumship the medium is unconscious. A spirit takes over the medium's body but in most cases there is no proof to the audience that it not the medium speaking.


The Spirit team is able to create an artificial voice box outside the medium's body made with ectoplasm - a substance taken from the medium's body. In the photo on the left you can see the ectoplasmic voicebox on the left shoulder of medium Leslie Flint. Below anre voice boxes in the shoulders of Mina Crandon and Jack Webber.

Is it the same as trumpet mediumship?
Not exactly. The spirits can also construct a voice box inside a "seance trumpet"- a cone which can amplify the sound. The trumpet remains connected to the medium with ectoplasm.

The trumpet can be moved around the circle and placed against a particular sitter's ear for a private message. But the voices or a trumpet medium are usually not as loud as when the voice box is independent and able to be moved anywhere in the room without a trumpet.
If you are sitting with a physical medium and a trumpet comes to you, you must be careful not to touch it because it is connected to the medium and if you brush it aside you could injure the medium.

Jack Webber tied into the chair, deep in tance with two trumpets connected to his body by ectoplasm

Is trumpet mediumship the same as physical mediumship?

A physical medium is one who can be used by spirit to produce phenomena which can be seen, heard or felt by others who are present. Some physical mediums produce raps and taps. Some produce apports. Some produce materialised hands or spirit lights or their faces change into the face of the spirit (transfiguration). Some produce full materialisations. Some produce independent direct voice. And some produce of all the above at different times.

Below is a list of some independent direct voice and trumpet mediums who lived and worked in the USA that we have been able to find information about.

Please email if you had experiences with any of these mediums and or can suggest additional resources.

United States of America

Jonathan Koons?? 1850s. gave up mediumship after 6 years- bullying.
Book: Sharon Hatfield: Enchanted Ground

Emily S. French (1831-1912)
Book: The French Revelation by N. Riley Heagarty.

Mrs Elizabeth Blake (- 1920)- Direct voice in light
Conan Doyle - The History of Spiritualism, Pages 158 - 161
Lewis Spence - Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology Part 1
American Society for Physical Research (ASPR) (vol. 7: 570-788)

Joseph B. Jonson (1854-1930)

Etta Wreidt (1859-1942)
Michael Tymn's article

George Valiantine (1874 – 1947)

Margery (Mina) Crandon (1888–1941)

Clifford Bias (1910-1987)

Sophia Williams (Chicago, mid 20th Century)


Frank Decker (1880- 1957)
Chapter in N. Riley Heagarty's new book

Ethel Post-Parrish ( ? -1960)

Reverend Dorothy Flexer, Sarasota, FL. ( ?- 1996)
Gerald O’Hara's book : I Come to the Garden

Reverend Florence S Becker (1892-1979)

William Cartheuser??

D. Mona Berry ??

Rev. James Jacob Dickson

Hugh Gordon Burroughs (1930?-1970)
Book written by him:

Warren Smith and Penny Umbach- trumpet and materialisation mediums
at Camp Silver Belle in 1974

James Gordon- trumpet and materialisation medium Camp Silver Belle in 1975

Bill Donnelly- trumpet and materialisation medium Camp Silver Belle in 1975

Rev. Gladys Strohme Camp Chsterfield 1976 materialisation medium

Mildred Curren and Mamie Brown direct voice mediums Camp Chesterfield 1976

Keith Milton Rhinehart (1936-1999)

Dan Taggert Trumpet medium at Camp Silver Belle in 1985

Don Dugar (1941- 2007) Trumpet medium

Books for further research:

Conacher, Douglas: Chapters of Experience(1973)
online excerpts

Doyle, C. - The History of Spiritualism, Pages 158 - 161

Edwards, Harry: The mediumship of Jack Webber (1962)
download in doc.

Findlay, J.Arthur: On the Edge of the Etheric (1931)

Flint, Leslie: Voices in the dark (1971)

Foy, Robin: In pursuit of physical mediumship (1996)

Harris, Louie: Alec Harris: The Full Story of his Remarkable Meidumship 2009

Harrison. Tom: Life After Death Living Proof.

N. Riley Heagerty: The French Revelation.

Randall, Edward C.: The dead have never died (scan)
scanned free online

Randall, Neville: Life after death (1975)
An easy to read description of what happens when you die based on the Lselie Flint tapes/

Strack-Zanghi, Jeanette I Walked With Spirits:Gerda Slater's Proof of Life After Death Kindle Edition (2010) $3.99 on A fascinating account of direct voice and materialisations through multiple mediums at Camp Silver Belle and Camp Chesterfiled in the 1970's.

Usborne Moore, Vice-Admiral W.: The Voices (1913) - reprinted 2011

Online Articles

Michael Tymn
on Emily French

Michael Tymn on Etta Wreidt

Michael Tymn on Sophia Williams












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