Different Areas of Evidence for the Afterlife


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Spirit Doctors/ Psychic Surgeons

Throughout the world there are numerous spiritual healers who claim to be able to go into trance and work with a particular spirit healer, often a doctor who died some time ago.

George Chapman (1921-2006)

One of the most stunningly evidential recent examples of a healing partnership thought trance mediumship was the partnership of George Chapman who died in 2006 with deceased doctor William Lang who died in 1936.

Dr. Lang had been an eye specialist at London’s Middlesex Hospital up until 1914. George Chapman was a fireman who had no medical training.

For 60 years Dr. Lang conducted ‘spirit operations’ on patients referred to him by other doctors while George Chapman was in trance. He performed these operations with either no physical contact or a very light touch. The success rate of these operations was very high.

Over the years Laurence Harvey, Stanley Holloway, Patricia Neal, Barbara Cartland and Roald Dahl were among those said to have sought the spirit doctor's help. A dental surgeon, S.G. Miron, wrote a book about the remarkable healings, The Return of William Lang (1973) after his own wife was cured by George Chapman/William Lang.

Although physical healing was an important aspect of Chapman’s work, he stated that the main purpose of Dr. Lang’s manifestation was to convince people of the reality of life after death. He also stressed the importance of testing the spirit to ensure its authenticity, and cross-checking any claims made with information available from physical sources.

Dr. Lang’s daughter, Marie Lyndon Lang, was initially skeptical that her father was manifesting through George Chapman. But after hearing his voice, observing his mannerisms, and asking personal questions concerning events which only she and her father knew about, she made this declaration: “The person who speaks through George Chapman and claims to be William Lang is, without a doubt, my father.”

For 31 years until her death at the age of 94 in May, 1977, Marie Lyndon spoke regularly with her deceased father through George Chapman. At her request, however, both her intimate connection to the increasingly popular Dr. Lang and her consultations with him were kept secret until her passing.

Dr. Lang’s granddaughter, Mrs. Susan Fairtlough, reacted with anger when she heard that a healer was “pretending” to be her grandfather. But after meeting George Chapman and Dr. Lang,
Mrs. Fairtlough had this to say:

" To my great horror, or rather, stupefaction, the man who was in this room was indisputably my grandfather. It was not him physically, but it was his voice, his behavior. It was unquestionable. He spoke to me and evoked precise events of my childhood. And I was so impressed that all I could say was, ‘Yes, grandpapa. No,grandpapa’ (Fisher 2001).

After meeting Dr. Lang for the first time in December 1969, Dr. Robert Laidlaw of New York told how he discussed in a professional manner certain opthalmological conditions and techniques, and added: “I fully believed then, and I believe now, that I was conversing with the surviving spirit of a doctor who had died some thirty years ago” (cited Fisher 2001).

George Chapman’s mediumship met his own criteria of evidence:
• The spirit communicator should speak as near as possible to the way he spoke on earth.
• He should use the same phrases and mannerisms.
• He should manifest other personal characteristics.
• He should be able to give dates, names and details of his earthly experiences that can be verified.
• He should be able to discuss intimate matters with relatives and colleagues still on earth.

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Surgeon from The Other Side (Documentary by Keith Parsons) In this 14 minute documentary about a Spirit doctor and his medium, Keith Parsons provides a narrative showing a unique healing partnership that lasted almost 60 years.

Arigo (18 October 1921 – 1 November 1971)
and Dr. Aldopho Friz


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Ray Brown and Paul

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John of God claims to channel the spirits of 30 dead doctors.


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