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Materialization Mediumship

For the last five years we have been investigating the physical mediumship of David Thompson, one of the only mediums who demonstrates materialization publicly all over the world.

We have had the privilege of experiencing materialization on more than one hundred occasions and on seeing more that that number of people reunited with "dead" loved ones. David is based in Sydney Australia where he gives public demonstrations. He also travels regularly to other states in Australia, to New Zealand, the United States England and Europe. You can read details of David's physical mediumship including testimonials on his webpage http://circleofthesilvercord.net/
You can email David at silvercordcircle@gmail.com

Here Victor talks about his experiences with David's mediumship:



A woman talks about being reunited with her husband who was murdered and Reverend Tom Newman talks about receiving an apport.

Reverend Tom Newman and Tom and Lisa Butler talk about their experiences with David Thompson.

A sister is reunited with her brother, a father with his son who was killed and a man with his grandfather.


Listen to audios of materialised people speaking.


We are told that groups of scientists work in the afterlife work with physical mediums to create communication between the dimensions. They extract a mysterious gaseous substance from the body of the medium and from the sitters and the furniture and use it to make a mysterious substance called “ectoplasm”.

Ectoplasm can be manipulated into hardened rods and spirit can direct these rods to move large object like tables and chairs and levitate a person. It can also be moulded into an artificial voice box or stretched out into flat like a sheet of material with which spirits cover themselves in order to lower their vibrations and become solid.

The word ectoplasm from the Greek meaning literally “exteriorized substance” was coined by Professor Charles Richet, Professor of Physiology at the Sorbonne in Paris, a winner of the Nobel Prize and member of the prestigious Institute de France who investigated it for thirty years.

Richet's conclusion was:

There is ample proof that experimental materialization (ectoplasmic) should take definite rank as a scientific fact. Assuredly we do not understand it. It is very absurd, if a truth can be absurd (Richet 1927: 112).

In its primary stage he found that it is invisible and intangible but even then it can be photographed by infrared rays and weighed. In its secondary stage it becomes either vaporous or liquid or solid, with a smell somewhat akin to ozone. In its final stages, when it can be seen and felt, it has the appearance of muslin and feels like a mass of cobwebs. At other times it is moist and cold and, on rare occasions, dry and hard. Its temperature is usually about 40 degrees Fahrenheit (Butler 1947: 75) which accounts for the observation of drop of temperature around physical phenomena

Baron Von Schrenck-Notzing, a Munich physician, showed that ectoplasm is composed of leucocytes—white or colorless blood cells—and epithelial cells—those from the various protective tissues of the body. During materialization it is taken from the bodies of the medium and the sitters (Stemman, 1975:57).

Baron Schrenck Notzing in Phenomena of Materialization sums up hundreds of experiments conducted for a period of five years with Eva C.:

We have very often been able to establish that by an unknown process there comes from the body of the medium a material, at first semi-fluid, which possesses some of the properties of a living substance, notably that of the power of change, of movement and of the assumption of definite forms.

In Munich, with the Polish medium Stanislawa P., the Baron succeeded in making a cinematographic record of ectoplasm as it flowed out of the medium's mouth. Read more about ectoplasm in Michael Tymn's well researched article The Mystery of Ectoplasm- Part 1 and Part 2

The Mediumship of Minnie Harrison

In the video Visitors from the Other Side Tom Harrison, son of materialization medium Minnie Harrison, narrates the development of his mother's mediumship from trance mediumship to actual direct voice communication with the so-called dead to the apex of mediumship, materialization - full form, solid bodied, temporarily materialized spirit people returning to us from the next stage of existence beyond nature's great illusion we call death. Tom's book "Life After Death - Living Proof " is available at

The Mediumship of Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan was a most magnificent materialization medium from Scotland and one of the most important women in psychic history.

During World War II, in January 1944, the British Admiralty decided that it could not let Helen Duncan, a gifted medium, continue to materialize intelligences from the afterlife to reveal information which the Minister for Defense considered top secret. It was a most crucial time in World War Two, immediately before the landing at Normandy.

Throughout the war years Helen Duncan reunited many grieving relatives with servicemen who had died. At one such séance at Portsmouth in 1941 a sailor materialized and was reunited with his mother. He told the assembled sitters that his ship, HMS Barham, had recently been sunk. The editor of the Psychic News, Maurice Barbanell, innocently telephoned the British Admiralty to enquire whether this was true and if it was true why the Admiralty had not advised the sailor's mother about the loss of her son. The military intelligence was furious because for security reasons and for public morale, news of the sinking had been withheld and had been classified 'top secret'.

National Security thought that a medium of Helen Duncan's caliber could very easily get hold of the most secretly held information: where the Allies were going to land in Europe on D. Day. One can understand the concern of the Admiralty for secrecy of such an important event.

Helen Duncan was arrested in January 1944, charged initially with vagrancy and later with a trumped up charge of fraudulent mediumship and sentenced to nine months in jail. According to BBC Online (2001) she was visited in jail by Winston Churchill who, appalled at what had happened, promised to repeal the Witchcraft Act under which she had been charged. He did keep this promise and after the war Spiritualism was made a legal religion in the UK.

Of tremendous significance
• at her trial forty-one witnesses who came from all over the world for Helen Duncan all testified that they had experienced meeting loved ones in a materialization séance

• this meant that under oath and for posterity at the Old Bailey highly accredited witnesses stated in very clear terms, from their own experience, the reality of materialization, of meeting their loved ones

• not one of the defense witnesses was 'broken' in cross examination

• it is immaterial whether the members of the prejudiced jury accepted the testimony or not. The fact is that numerous highly credible people had the courage to take on the leaders of the establishment who knowingly and intentionally made gross errors of judgment. These brave witnesses went to court and told ‘the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ about the reality of materialization and how they met their loved ones because of Helen Duncan's materialization mediumship

• the crown case consisted of the claim that Helen Duncan or an accomplice was pretending to be all of these 'materializations' by dressing up in a sheet and using false beards, wigs etc. But when the police had 'raided' her séance while she was in trance and producing materializations they had found no sheet, no false beards, no wigs, no accomplice—indeed no evidence of fraud whatsoever.

Typical testimony

• Nurse Jane Rust testified on oath at the Old Bailey, among other things, that she, through Helen Duncan, actually met a loved one again—her husband who materialized from the afterlife and kissed her. 'I have never been more certain of anything in my life before', she said. She stated that she had been enquiring for 25 years as a skeptic but it was only when she met Helen Duncan that she was able to actually meet her loved ones including her mother who had passed on (Cassirer 1996: 68).

• A high ranking Air Force officer, Wing Commander George Mackie, stated on oath that through Helen Duncan's materialization gifts he actually met his 'dead' mother and father and a brother (Cassirer 1996:72, 115).

• James Duncan, (no relation) a jeweler, testified that both he and his daughter had seen his wife materialize on eight different occasions, in good light. Duncan had seen her close up at a range of 18 inches and they had talked of domestic matters including a proposed emigration to Canada that they had previously kept secret. He had, he said, not a shadow of a doubt that the voice was that of his wife. He also claimed to have seen materializations of his father, who was about his own height and bearded, and his mother (Cassirer 1996:103).

• Mary Blackwell, President of the Pathfinder Spiritualist Society of Baker Street London, testified that she had attended more than 100 materialization séances with Helen Duncan at each of which between 15 and 16 different entities from the afterlife had materialized. She testified that she had witnessed the spirit forms conversing with their relatives in French, German, Dutch, Welsh, Scottish and Arabic. She claimed that she had witnessed the manifestation of ten of her own close relatives including her husband, her mother and her father all of whom she had seen up close and touched (Cassirer 1996: 87).

Some years later a team of magicians headed by William Goldston—founder of the Magicians Club—carried out an experimental sitting with Helen Duncan. Goldston and his colleagues were astounded when their dead friend, the magician 'The Great Lafayette', materialized and spoke to them in his own voice. Goldston wrote a report on the event for The Psychic News in which he confirmed that Helen Duncan's mediumship was genuine and that no magician could possible duplicate the phenomena that he and his fellow magicians had witnessed.

The Death of Helen Duncan

In 1956, the Nottingham police raided a séance Helen Duncan was giving. The police knocked on the door of a private home without a search warrant on the supposed complaint of two police officers who had earlier attended one of her séances. The police had technical knowledge that materialization usually has to be conducted in semi-darkness and that if the lights are put on suddenly very serious injury or death to the medium can occur.

When they were admitted to the home they made a grab for the medium's cabinet, grabbed the medium and took flash photographs. The police raid caused the death of Helen Duncan five weeks afterwards. Without doubt, Helen Duncan's unique gifts which proved survival and her service to the community make her one of the most important women in psychic history.

Alan Crossley talks about his experiences of materialization seances with Helen Duncan and Alec Harris.


Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Alec Harris was a brilliant Welsh materialization medium who died in 1974. According to a report in Psychic News (August 1946) by Maurice Barbanell at the seance he attended there were thirty different materialized figures clearly seen in good red light. The figures walked about ten feet from the cabinet where the medium could clearly be seen sitting in trance. They had long conversations with their loved ones in many different languages not known by the medium. Sir Alexander Cannon claimed that he had conversed with two Tibetans in their ancient language. Professor T.J. Haarhoff claimed that he spoke with someone in Ancient Greek and discussed something that had happened in an earlier seance in South Africa. Read more about Alex Harris' mediumship.

Is it real?

Undoubtedly have been some fraudulent mediums who tried to make money by fooling the gullible, especailly when they are making a living from their mediumship and the phenomena are not flowing naturally.

However there is also abundant evidence from top scientists that physical mediumship is real, that direct voice mediumship is real, that ectoplasm is real and that materialization is real.

Professor Richet, winner of the Noble Prize for Physiology studied materialization and writes of the phenomona in his book Thirty Years of Psychical Research:

I shall not waste time in stating the absurdities, almost the impossibilities, from a psycho-physiological point of view, of this phenomenon. A living being, or living matter, formed under our eyes, which has its proper warmth, apparently a circulation of blood, and a physiological respiration which has also a kind of psychic personality having a will distinct from the will of the medium, in a word, a new human being! This is surely the climax of marvels. Nevertheless, it is a fact.

The archives of the (British) Society for Psychical Research and the American Society for Psychical research contain numerous accounts of materialization mediums who were investigated for years by some of the top scientists and professors of the day—people like Sir William Crookes, the greatest chemist of the nineteenth century, Professor W.J. Crawford and Dr Gustave Geley.

Weight loss

Professor W.J. Crawford was a lecturer in mechanical engineering at Queen's University Belfast who conducted long and meticulous studies of ectoplasm. He wrote three classic books: The Reality of Psychic Phenomena (1916), Experiments in Psychic Science (1919) and The Psychic Structures in the Goligher Circle (1921). He found that during materialization the weight of his medium dropped from 120 pounds to 66 pounds. Professor Crawford found that all of the physical manifestations of his mediums—lifting of tables, moving of objects etc. were achieved by the construction of ectoplasmic rods, struts and cantilevers. In his Psychic Structures he provides photographs of ectoplasm being used to lift tables. In his expert opinion as a professor of mechanical engineering: (Butler 1947: 78).

George Meek (1987) found that during materialization séance there is a temporary weight loss from both the medium and the sitters as a substance is withdrawn from their bodies. In his own experiments he found a weight loss of 27 pounds—about 10 kilos—shared among the medium and fifteen physicians, psychologists and others who made up the research team (Meek 1987:69).

Alexander Aksakof, the Russian psychic investigator, recorded testimonies of ten witnesses the partial dematerialisation of the body of medium Mme. d'Esperance’s body from the waist downwards and, with the testimonies of those present, published the full story in his A Case of Partial Dematerialisation (1896).

But why can’t they turn on the lights?

One of the key properties of ectoplasm is that some of its forms are extremely sensitive to light, so much so that even flashing a torch drives the substance back into the medium's body with the force of snapped elastic. Bruises, open wounds and hemorrhage may result.

Fodor (1932) lists the following examples of mediums being hurt by the sudden retreat of ectoplasm:

“Kluski received an open wound from a violent retreat of ectoplasm. Conan Doyle quotes the case of a medium who exhibited a bruise from the breast to the shoulder caused by the recoil of the band. Evan Powell, at the British College of Psychic Science, suffered a bad injury on the chest owing to an unintended violent movement of a sitter, touched by an ectoplasmic arm. Hemorrhage may also result from sudden exposure to light. Dennis Bradley speaks of an instance in which George Valiantine got a black bruise, measuring about two inches by three, on the stomach by the shock of returning ectoplasm when a powerful electric light was suddenly switched on in his garage which faced one of the windows of the seance room.”

Because of this sensitivity to light, most physical mediums have to work in the dark or in infrared light and those responsible for their safety have to use absolute care in selecting sitters who can be trusted to stay still and hold hands during materialization.

During a recent materialization experiment with David Thompson in Sydney Australia (07/08/06) I was present when one of the sitters, startled by the medium’s chair being levitated and dumped in the middle of the room at the end of the session, let out a sudden scream. When the lights came on the medium’s face showed a swelling near his eye and a number of small cuts that had not been there before the session. As he put it, a sudden noise creates an effect similar to glass shattering. On another occasion (11/8/06) the control, William, had to withdraw the ectoplasm quickly as a curtain over one of the windows was beginning to fall down. When David regained consciousness he knew what had happened by tenderness in his stomach area and he spent the next few hours nursing his stomach.

What evidence is there that all this is real?

Some of the most famous materialization mediums of the last two centuries include Daniel Dunglas Home, who was investigated in a laboratory by Sir William Crookes, Franek Kluski, the Warsaw medium who was notable for materializing large numbers of animals and mediumship was verified by Dr Gustave Geley, who participated in Kluski's seances at the Paris Institut Metapsychique International and by Prof. F. W. Pawlowski.

When you read the number of testimonies of credible witnesses of the phenomena of materialization you cannot help but be struck by the sincerity of the witnesses and the similarities in the phenomena.

For example see the online accounts of the following materialization mediums:

Elizabeth S and May E Bangs (known as the Bang Sisters) of Chicago, Illinois,
Arnold Clare,
Florence Cook,
Margery Crandon,
Stella Cranshaw, better known as 'Stella C.',
Frank Decker,
Elizabeth Hope who worked under the pseudonym of Mme. d'Esperance,The Eddy Brothers,
William Eglinton,
Helen Duncan
Alec Harris whose wife documented his mediumship in the book
They Walked Among Us.
Minnie Harrison,
Cecil Husk,
Stainton Moses, an Anglican clergyman,
Eusapia Palladino,
Estelle Roberts,
Rudi and Willy Schneider,

Hunter Selkirk,

Jack Webber http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/seance/78/webr.htm

Brazilian evidence

Evidence for materialization is substantive not only in England and the United States but in other countries, such as Brazil where materializations took place in daylight in the presence of hundreds of hard-core skeptics.

Carmine Mirabelli (1889-1950) produced fantastic physical phenomena witnessed by scientists from many parts of the world which up until to-day have not been rebutted, nor are they likely to be rebutted.

In 1927 there appeared in Brazil a book entitled O Medium Mirabelli containing a 74 page account of phenomena which occurred in broad daylight at times in the presence of up to sixty witnesses at the same time representing the leading scientific and social circles of Brazil. Among those who gave their names as witnesses were the President of Brazil, the Secretary of State, two professors of medicine, 72 doctors, 12 engineers, 36 lawyers, 89 men of public office, 25 military men, 52 bankers, 128 merchants and 22 dentists as well as members of religious orders ( Zeitschrift fuer Parapsychologie 1927 : 450-462).

The testimony of so many prominent credible witnesses cannot easily be overlooked and in Brazil a committee of twenty leading men, headed by the President, was set up to interview witnesses and to decide what should be done to scientifically investigate Mirabelli's powers. It was decided in 1927 to mount a series of controlled investigations by the newly established Academia de Estudos Psychicos using the same controls as European mediums had submitted to.

The investigators divided into three groups. One group dealt with dealing with spoken mediumship and had 189 positive sittings (sittings which produced positive results). A second group investigated automatic writing and had 85 positive sittings and 8 negative sittings (sittings which produced no results). A third group investigated physical phenomena and had 63 positive and 47 negative sittings. Of the positive sittings, 40 were held in daylight and 23 in bright artificial light with the medium tied up in a chair in rooms which were searched before and after (Inglis, 1984: 223).

Physical mediumship and materialization

At a well-attended seance in Sao Vicente the chair on which the entranced Mirabelli was sitting rose and floated in the air two meters above the floor. Witnesses timed its levitation for 120 seconds. On another occasion Mirabelli was at the da Luz railroad station with several companions when he suddenly vanished. About fifteen minutes later a telephone call came from Sao Vicente, a town ninety kilometers away, stating that he had appeared there exactly two minutes after he had disappeared from da Luz.

At a seance conducted in the morning in full daylight in the laboratory of the investigating committee in front of many people of note including ten men holding the degree of Doctor of Science:

• The form of a little girl materialized beside the medium.
• Dr Ganymede de Souza who was present confirmed that the child was his daughter who had died a few months before and that she was wearing the dress in which she had been buried.
• Another observer, Colonel Octavio Viana also took the child in his arms, felt her pulse and asked her several questions which she answered with understanding.
• Photographs of the apparition were taken and appended to the investigating committee's report.
• After this the child floated around in the air and disappeared, after having been visible in daylight for thirty six minutes.
• The form of Bishop Jose de Camargo Barros who had recently lost his life in a shipwreck appeared in full insignia of office.
• He conversed with those present and allowed them to examine his heart, gums, abdomen and fingers before disappearing.
At another seance conducted at Santos at half past three in the afternoon before sixty witnesses who attested their signatures to the report of what had happened:
• The deceased Dr Bezerra de Meneses, an eminent hospital physician, materialized.
• He spoke to all of the assembled witnesses to assure them that it was himself.
• His voice carried all over the room by megaphone.
• Several photographs were taken of him.
• For fifteen minutes two doctors who had known him examined him and announced that he was an anatomically normal human being.
• He shook hands with the spectators.
• Finally he rose into the air and began to dematerialize, with his feet vanishing first followed by his legs and abdomen, chest arms and last of all head.
• After the apparition had dematerialized Mirabelli was found to be still tied securely to his chair and seals were intact on all the doors and windows.
• The photographs accompanying the report show Mirabelli and the apparition on the same photographic plate.
At another seance under controlled conditions Mirabelli himself dematerialized to be found later in another room. Yet the seals put upon his bonds were intact as were the seals on the doors and windows of the seance room (Inglis 1984: 226).


On the Internet

More information can be obtained from the Arthur Findlay College http://www.snu.org.uk/findlay.htm

and online from Physical Mediumship.co. UK http://www.physicalmediumship.co.uk/index.html and

the Zerdin Phenomenal http://www.zerdinphenomenal.co.uk/

The mediumship of Helen Duncan

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