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Life Between Life regressions

Most people have heard of past life regression, where a hypnotist asks a patient to go back to the source of a problem and the patient begins to describe a past life.

But not so many people are aware that some hypnotists claim to have been able to take people back to the time between lives - "the interlife period". Therapists seem to agree that regressing subjects into the time between lives requires the deeper levels of the theta state.

The interesting thing is that all of the patients, working with different therapists who had no contact with each other came up with a consistent description what happened to them in the afterlife - or as they called it "the between lives period".

Dr Brian Weiss was a traditional psychotherapist and at the age of 35 was a professor at the University of Miami's medical school. He was publishing papers and becoming a nationally recognised expert on psychopharmacology. He wsa not interested in anything mystical, philosophical or spiritual.

One patient changed all that. Weiss calls her Catherine in his first best-selling book, Many Lives, Many Masters (1988), eight years after he began treating the young woman.

He had been using routine psychotherapy to treat her and after 18 months with little improvement, Weiss finally put it very simply to her one day while she was under hypnosis: "Go back to the time from which your symptoms arise." She did. Back to the year 1863 BC when she was a 25-year-old named Aronda.

But Catherine also went to the space between lives and was able to give Dr Weiss detailed information about his own family and his dead son - information that she could not have know by any normal means.

Dr Michael Newton
When Dr. Michael Newton, began regressing his clients back in time to access their memories of former lives, he became interested in seeing into the spirit world through the eyes of clients who are in a hypnotized or superconscious state; these clients in this altered state claimed to be able to tell him what their soul was doing between lives on Earth.

His book, Journey of Souls, presents ten years of his research and insights to help people understand the purpose behind their life choices. His follow-up book, Destiny of Souls, continues this work.

Read a summary of his findings...

Michael Newton on Journey of Souls

Michael Newton on Life Between Lives

Ian Lawton's The Big Book of the Soul contains in chapters 5 and 6 an excellent summary of the findings of twelve different regressionists: Michael Newton, Joel Whitton, Dolores Cannon, Peter Ramster, Modi, Brian Weis, Helen Wambach, Ruth Montgomery, Huffman, Riger Woolger and Dr Hans Holzer about such topics as the death experience, being welcomed, healing/rest/integration, the life review, learning with a group, life planning, life previews. In this video Ian Lawton reads from an early version of the chapters.

Example of a Life Between Life session

Paul Aurand conducts an emotional Life Between Lives regression with profound soul lessons. Excerpts of this LBL will be used in the upcoming documentary film "THE END?" on consciousness and the after life by director Mike Anthony.

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Peter Smith on 'Stories of the Afterlife'

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Dolores Cannon on Parallel Lives

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