Different Areas of Evidence for the Afterlife


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Cosmology refers to the study of the Universe in its totality as it now is (or at least as it can be observed now), and by extension, humanity's place in it. We have left this chapter until last because it stretches the mind the furthest.

We now know that the universe is unbelievably big and expanding unbelievably quickly. Many cosmologies believe that it expands to infinity.


On his website Closer to Truth Robert Lawrence Kuhn has hundreds of interviews and dicussions with cosmologists for their prespectives on how big the universe is and whether there can be alternative universes.

Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness
Physicists, Astronomers and Cosmologists no longer think the universe came about by chance- "There is more reason than ever today to think that consciousness is the basis of the universe."

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GREG BRADEN- COMPUTER GEOLOGIST- ON CONSCIOUSNESS- every human on the planet is linked to the field.


GREG BRADEN-The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Our universe now is believed to be based in consciousness..


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