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Out of Body Experiences

An out of body experience, or OBE, happens when a person's duplicate invisible body is able to move out of the physical body with full consciousness. For this reason it is sometimes called ‘astral projection’. For most people there is no control at all over the OBE—it just happens spontaneously, often just before you go to sleep. A person who experiences an OBE does not have to be ill or near death.

For over 2,000 years there have been reports of people finding themselves floating up above their bodies while sleeping, or finding themselves suddenly behind or above their body looking down on it.

• Socrates, Pliny and Plotonius described out of body experiences
• Plotonius wrote of being lifted out of his body on many occasions
• Plutarch described an OBE that occurred to Aridanaeus in A.D. 79
• The Tibetan Book of the Dead describes a duplicate of the physical body, called a 'Bardo Body', which lifts out of the body
• Mahayana Buddhism acknowledges the existence of a duplicate body
• ancient Chinese said that they could experience an OBE after meditation.

Many famous writers of this century wote about their OBEs: Ernest Hemingway; Tolstoy; Dostoevsky; Tennyson; Edgar Alan Poe; D H Lawrence; Virginia Woolf.

Recent studies show that OBEs are quite common

• a 1954 survey showed that 27.1% of American students reported having experienced OBEs
• two surveys of students in 1967 and 1973 in England showed that 19% and 34% had OBEs
• a survey in 1975 in the USA showed that 25 % of students and 14% of residents from Charlottesville, Virginia, claimed to have had OBEs.

Robert Monroe

In this 1979 video interview Robert Monroe talks about his first OBE and explains that the evidence is that we all go out of our bodies while we sleep.

Scientists have investigated them

A most highly credible scientist, Dr Robert Crookall, analyzed over 700 reports of OBEs from all over the world. He was surprised that they were all consistent. (Crookall 1970).

The Society for Psychical Research investigated a great number of cases of OBEs. In some of them the person in the out of body state could be seen as if they were really living by another person.

In the United States, Karlis Osis and Boneita Perskari spent several years doing scientific research with Alex Tanous. A psychic, Christine Whiting, was able to see him when he was out of his body and described in detail his position and the shirt with rolled-up sleeves and the corduroy pants he was wearing.

Keith 'Blue' Harary, was able to lie down in a sealed laboratory room and project himself to another house twenty yards away. While there he was able to read letters and report accurately on where the other experimenters were sitting.

Dutch scientists succeeded in weighing the physical body before, during and after exteriorization (OBE). They found a weight loss of 2 1/4 ounces during exteriorization (Carrington, 1973)

French researchers including Professor Richet spent many years having the exteriorized body move material objects, produce raps at a distance and affect photographic plates and calcium screens. They photographed the astral body during exteriorization.

Afterlife researcher George Meek was able to have a photo taken of his astral body during a projection.

The Monroe Institute

In 1965 Dr Charles Tart, a psychologist at the University of California, conducted controlled experiments with Robert Monroe, a highly gifted out of body experiencer who developed a way of having repeated out of body experiences. He founded the Monroe Institute in Virginia USA to teach others how to have out of body experiences.

The non-profit Monroe Institute has taught tens of thousands of people both in residence and through distance learning to undertake Out of Body Journeys. So useful was his program that it was adopted by the American Military as part of the standard training of remote viewers. Here Skip Atwater talks about his first OBE.


Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell was a professional physicist. For 20 years he was at the heart of developing US missile defence systems. He began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe at Monroe Laboratories in the early 1970s. Campbell claims that he knew his out of body journeys were real when he met up with another explorer while they were out of body on many occasions. When they met afterwards they found they had experienced the same things. Campbell’s three books that make up My Big TOE –[Theory of Everything] (2007) present a model of existence and reality that is based directly on his out of body experiences. Some of his numerous public seminars are available free of charge on Youtube.



William Buhlman

William Buhlman states he has been having out of body experiences for more than 40 years. He has been teaching courses on how to have an out of body experience in Europe and at the Monroe Institute for a number of years. His first book Advnetures Beyond the Body (1996) explains how to have an OBE. His second book The Secret of the Soul—Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature (2001) deals with some of the different kinds of OBEs both positive and unwelcome. He talks about OBEs in chidren, OBEs caused by combat and trauma, meeting loved ones in the afterlife and transformational experiences. His book has excellent chapters on the history of OBEs and on how to have an OBE. He also discusses what can be expected from an OBE and what the benefits are. His most recent book Adventures in the Afterlife explains what happens when you die.



Jurgen Ziewe

Thirty-five years ago Jurgen Ziewe began having out of body experiences as a result of deep meditation. A commercial artist, he has drawn stunning pictures of the different levels in the afterlife that he has repeatedly visited. These can be viewed in his videoed talk which is on the internet and on his website. His book Multidimensional Man (2008) describes some of the alternate realities he visited from the lowest to the highest. He explains his experiences in a number of youtube videos.


Graham Nicholls
Graham Nicholls is an English author, and a leading practitioner, teacher and researcher into out-of-body experiences. He brings both a wonderful committment to objective science and a personal committment to spirituality. His second book, Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience, offers has been widely praised by other OBE experiencers. He is also a co-author of Consciousness Beyond the Body, a scientifically focused exploration of the theories and evidence for OBEs, published in February 2016. He now lives in Estonia and gives individual tuition on how to have an OBE via Skype. Read more...





The International Academy of Consciousness

The International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit research and education organization with a presence in 9 countries and 13 cities around the world. Courses on how to have an out of body experience and on the nature of consciousness are run in many countries. It has a research center located in southern Portugal for practice and research on out-of-body experience.
Its founder, Dr. Waldo Vieira, began having out of body experiences at the age of nine and has been studying them for more than fifty years.Many of these resources are available on its website. Luis Minero is one of its principal teachers.



Out of Body experiences and the afterlife

Those who have had an out of body experience usually accept that they survive physical death. They know that the reason why they return to their physical body is because their duplicate body is still connected to the physical body by a silver cord. When the silver cord is irretrievably severed, the duplicate body continues to survive in the next dimension.

Robert Monroe wrote more than three books giving meticulous details about his OBEs. He described many different locations outside the body that he claims are worlds we go to when we die. For a summary of the different levels see Overview of focus levels.



The Monroe Institute put together a program to help people who are dying understand that they will survive death.

A great video on out of body reunions.

THE PATH- Beyond the Physical- Trailer- 2013

The filmmakers of The Path: Afterlife brings to their viewers the second DVD in the trilogy, The Path documentary series, entitled The Path: Beyond the Physical. The Path: Beyond the Physical (BTP) is a mysterious and captivating topic exploring the concept that there is no separation between the physical of which we can see, hear and touch and the non-physical of our inner knowing, subjective experiences, that which cannot see but feel in our universe.



On the Internet

The Monroe Institute

The Alex Tanous Foundation

For detailed scientific papers on these experiments see Charles Tart’s homepage

The Out of Body Experience Research foundation run by Dr Jeff and Jody Long has a wonderful page with lots of recent examples of out of spontaneous and meditation induced out of body experiences http://www.oberf.org/

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