A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Montague Keen's First Contact

Through Medium: David Thompson

Tim: (A member of David's spirit team who helps people to materialize)

This man hasn’t been over long. But he asked if he could come through and speak.

Sitters: Yeah, great. Yep, course he can. Of course he can, welcome.

Monty: Hello.

Sitters: Hello.

Monty: Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

Sitters Yes, we can. We can hear you.

Monty: (emphatic) Montague Keen.

Sitters: Good evening. Good evening.

Monty: Can everybody hear me?

Sitters Yes. We can.

Monty: This is Montague Keen, here.

Sitters (with surprise) Oh. Hello, Montague. Great.

Monty: Good evening.

Sitters: Good evening.

Monty: I wondered if you’d be so kind to pass a message to my wife, Veronica.

Sitter :Yes, certainly.

Monty: Could you please tell her that I’m well . . .

Sitter Yes.

Monty: . . . that, that I’m with her most of the time.

Sitter: Yes.

Monty: (to woman) And, my dear.

Woman: Yes.

Monty: I do apologise about the, the, the . . . misunderstanding regarding the scratch.

Woman: Don’t worry about it. It’s all forgotten.

Monty Well, I did worry about it, do you know. I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea.

Woman: No. I’m sure that you know that everything’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

Monty: I understand that you’re taping it, is that right?

Sitter: Yes, I am. Yes. Yes.

Monty: Well. I have something to say. Where’s . . . where’s the microphone?

Sitter: Above you. It’s near the light.

Monty: Is it, now.

Sitter: Yeah. It’ll pick you. No problem.

Woman: On the ceiling. In the middle.

Monty: Veronica? If you can hear me, my dear. I love you very much . . . and . . .I’m alright and . . . I’m going to . . . carry on the work from my side, now. From the spirit side . . . and I just wanted to tell you . . . that it’s everything that I thought it would be and so much more. So much more, it is.

And I’ve met my dear mother. And don’t worry about me, Veronica. I’ll be alright. Yes, yes. I’ll be alright.
I . . . I love you.

Goodbye . . . goodbye, everybody.

Sitters: Goodbye . . . and thank you very much. Thank you, that was great.

Woman : You’re welcome, anytime.

Monty: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to . . . to, to to come through. Yes . . . and . . . I believe that . . . one of the reasons why I attended this young man’s séance was . . . that I could . . . feel a vibration . . . so . . .I, I, I could find it much more easily to come through
Sitters Yes. Really well. Yes.

Monty: Yes . . . yes . . . and, just for the record . . . just for the record . . . the Scole Séances were exactly as they were. There was no fraudulence of any sort, at all!

Sitters: Right. Of course, there wasn’t.

Monty: No fraudulence!

Sitter: Thank you, for that.

Monty: I just thought I’d tell you that.

Sitters: Thank you. Thank you very much indeed.

Monty: Goodnight.

Sitters: Goodnight. Goodnight.
(sound of Monty’s departure)

12 second pause

(Monty’s re-emergence)

Monty: Oh . . . before I go. Would you please . . . write a report about this séance . . .

Sitter: Yes.

Monty: . . . because I’d like everybody to know that I came through.

Sitter: Absolutely.

Monty: Thank you. Goodnight.

Sitters Goodnight. Goodnight. Jolly good.
(sound of Monty’s departure)