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(Some of the sources: Silver Birch (9 transmitted books), Arthur Findlay, Anthony Borgia, Lord Dowding, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Leslie Flint, Ivan Cooke, George Meek, Dr Carl Wickland, Sir William Crookes, Dr Robert Crookall, Sir William Barrett, the Rev. C Drayton Thomas, Geraldine Cummins, FWD Myers, Arthur Ford, Johannes Greber, George Anderson, Charles Hapgood, Allan Kardec, 'White Eagle Group', Emmanuel, Joe Fisher, Dr Ian Stevenson, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Martin Ebon, Robert James Lees, Ruth Montgomery, Stainton Moses, Ursula Roberts, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Jane Roberts, Helen Greaves and Fransesco Coll I.P.Movement).

Empiricism (in this context measuring psychic phenomena using scientific method) has taken over the study of the afterlife. Empirical Scientific Method does not and cannot include any subjectivity or beliefs or blind faith. This is because only Scientific Method can give us objectivity and repeability. The traditional Churches and other religions no longer can claim exclusive power, authority and jurisdiction to deal with afterlife matters - they deal with the afterlife only in a personal belief, blind faith, subjective way. Highly intelligent scientists, many professors and researchers with the highest credibility at the highest level are doing cutting edge afterlife empirical research - something which will be of huge benefit to mankind generally. Accordingly, it is important to point out certain definitive principles which will be critical for you the reader to evaluate all the information with true equanimity.

1. There has NEVER ever been anyone in human history -no scientist, no philosopher, no academic, no negative debunking closed minded skeptic or anybody else in this world who used scientific method or anything else to show that the afterlife does not exist or cannot exist. By contrast, there are what we now call the 'new' scientists - intellectually advanced and objectively oriented scientists with the highest integrity who accept empirically validated psychic phenomena and the objective evidence for the afterlife - go to click on BOOK top right and click on chapter 2.

2. Materialists, debunkers and closed minded skeptics have in the past rejected and criticized the evidence for the existence of the afterlife but have been unable to make any submissions why the afterlife does not and cannot exist. Most claim that anything which cannot be reduced in a science laboratory for testing, for measurement cannot really exist. But traditional 'reductionist science' has NEVER shown that some very special psychic and spiritual phenomenon experienced by countless people, many of whom are highly credible scientists, philosophers, academics and trained observers- did not take place.

3. These negative debunkers become selective in the acceptance of phenomena which cannot be measured in the laboratory. They themselves experience and accept the existence of love, pain and boredom none of which can be measured in a science laboratory. In other words the negative debunking skeptics themselves inadvertently introduce a subjective, 'personal' non-scientific measurement of the phenomena they themselves experience but which cannot be measured in a laboratory. These skeptics will accept only the EXPERIENTIAL phenomena they themselves claim to experience but will reject any other EXPERIENTIAL phenomena experienced by others if those experiences have to do with the afterlife. Although closed minded skepticism itself has no empirical foundation at all i.e., it is NOT scientific - when it comes to personal beliefs they are saying, "You must accept our personal beliefs but we are NOT going to accept your beliefs!" Do these 'closed' skeptics have any objective authority to state that only what they themselves experienced is valid while other highly credible people's experiences ought NOT be accepted? Of course NOT!

4. What is 'AUTHORITY'? In the final analysis, using mainstream logic, there is only one authority - 'objective authority.' Anything scientific is usually objective authority mainly because of repeatability. Simple example, 5+7=12 anywhere in the world. That is accepted universally. 'Subjective' authority is not really authority at all. The Bible, Koran, Talmud, Bhagavad-Gita and other holy books - have 'subjective' authority. This means that their authority is NOT objective and applies only to those who want to follow their teachings but not to those who do not choose to. Those who accept subjective beliefs are called 'believers.'

5. Accordingly, scientific method is an objective tool for measuring psychic phenomena. It follows that whenever there is an inconsistency between empirically gathered data and beliefs, empiricism inevitably prevails. For example, the Bible states that the sun revolves around the earth. This was strictly enforced as a religious belief by the Christian Church. Science, through Galileo, stated that the Bible was wrong in this claim. No one on earth to-day accepts the religious geocentric (the sun revolving around the earth) view of the solar system - even though it is still in the Bible. The now universally accepted heliocentric view - that the earth revolves around the sun- shows that science inevitably negates inconsistent religious beliefs. It took the Catholic Church over three hundred and thirty years to concede science prevailed over theology on this one and to exonerate Galileo from all wrongdoing. But ironically, the unscientific geocentric view of the solar system - and many other proven scientific heresies remain in the Bible.

6. What we have in common in all religions and empiricism to-day is that the afterlife exists. But not one religion tells us what actually happens when we physically die - empirical studies do. In the West the Christian view of the afterlife dominated for nearly two thousand years. The Church teaches that the afterlife exists and that your conduct on earth will determine what kind of existence you will experience once you cross over; you will go to 'heaven' if you 'behaved well' or to hell if you consistently misbehaved. The Catholics add 'purgatory'- a stage of continuous purification before one gets to 'heaven.' Empiricism tells us there is an afterlife and explains in detail what happens when we cross over. This means that empirical evidence is what we should study so that we get to know specifically what is going to happen to us when we cross over.

7. What has been empirically confirmed by way of mediumship is that we have a duplicate of our physical body. On crossing over, the physical body dies, and like an old coat can be burnt. But at the time of physical death, our real self, i.e. our duplicate body will emerge from the physically dead body with full consciousness. The duplicate body, the 'spirit' body, the real you, will continue to have a human form and will be able to see those around your dead physical body. We will take three things with us on crossing over: our mind with all its memories, our new spiritual body and our character which will not change one iota on crossing over. Those who have been in pain for a time before their death may not experience 'conscious transition' to the afterlife. They will be given very special care - but after a time of rest, they will regain full consciousness.

8. Moments after you will cross over you will be met by someone who had already passed on and with whom you have a heart to heart connection. Someone you can trust, someone who is most certain to be a loved one, someone you can feel most comfortable with. This meeting is meant to make your transition as smooth as you will allow it to be. We are informed that many times average decent folk, especially those who have been 'spiritual' (not necessarily 'religious' - see below) when on earth, will experience a smooth, conscious transition. Only our own limitations, our own prejudices, our own encumbrances will restrict the otherwise smooth transition. For these reasons at the time of crossing over we should always have an open mind and NOT have the mind rigidly set on some expectations taught by uninformed dogmatists on earth.

9. At this time you will remember all experiences you had when you visited the afterlife. We are credibly informed that during sleep we experience out-of-body experiences. For the average decent open minded person, the transition ought to be a most wonderful spiritual experience. There is NOTHING to fear, NOTHING to be terrified about and certainly EVERYTHING for you to look forward to. Why? Because information transmitted from the otherside consistently tells us that for the average decent folk there will be much beauty, much peace, much light and love. In fact, we are told by some of the highest credible sources including Silver Birch, that we do not have the vocabulary to describe the enormous beauty, peace and love we will be experiencing once we cross over.

10. When we cross over we will still have free will which is critical to our continuous refinement. We will still be in a position to continue to refine in mind, 'body' and spirit. We will still have the potential to raise our 'vibrations' of the soul to graduate to a higher realm where there will be higher levels of ecstatic experiences far more intense than the one we initially entered. The afterlife is divided into different realms (afterlife worlds)- from the lowest darkest vibrating realm to the highest. We are credibly informed that the average decent person will go to the 'third level.' There will be venues of all kinds of learning. Artists will be able to continue to refine their skills to create enormous inspired beauty. Musicians will be able to perfect their skills and refine their creativity with added inspiration to produce the most heavenly music. Whoever you are, whatever you desire, you will have specialists who will assist in your endeavor to perfect your skills. We will have opportunities to continue to follow the dreams we had on earth and have other opportunities do creative and other things that perhaps we were not able to do on earth. Also we will be enjoying perfect health - the cripple will walk again, the blind will see again, those with any physical or mental problems on earth will be perfectly normal again. The greater and the lesser will be judged ONLY by the level of spirituality (level of vibrations at the time of crossing over) which will be indicated by the brightness of one's own aura which surrounds the body. But one thing is certain, we will find ourselves in a most friendly environment where we will be able to continue to refine with much grace and inspiration - even if it takes eons of earth's time to reach our goal - the highest spirituality. We have an eternity to continue to improve, to progress, to refine in mind and spirit.

11. There is some concern by a number of people about the 'lower' realms. Let's clarify this. As stated at the time of the crossing people will have the accumulated "vibrations" from their lifetime on earth. The level of vibrations of average decent people will usually qualify them to go to the 'third realm' described above. But there will be some others who will NOT automatically end up in the third realm.

First, there will be some who get stuck for an indefinite period of time between the earth plane and the third realm - this will be a most serious problem. These may be hard core skeptics and others who had rigid, inflexible negative beliefs and who obstinately refused to believe that the afterlife exists. When these closed minded skeptics and debunkers of the afterlife find themselves in the afterlife they will refuse to believe they are 'dead' because they will still have a body (the duplicate of the body they had on earth- they will be able to see, hear and feel things- everything will be just as solid as on earth.). But they will know that something is very seriously different - when they try to talk to people on earth, no one responds to them because people on earth generally cannot see them, cannot hear them, cannot detect their presence. This refusal to believe that they have crossed over will cause confusion in their mind and this confusion could last for more than a thousand years by earth's time - even thousands of years. It is only when they admit they were wrong that they will be able to progress. That is why the state of mind at the time of crossing over ought NOT be rigid. The afterlife consequences are ENORMOUS and we must find the time to learn more about the afterlife. It will be critical to keep an open mind and to allow for the unexpected - especially for those whose environment was dogmatic about what to expect and what NOT to expect in the afterlife.

12. Secondly, the minority of people who were deliberately cruel, willfully evil, and knowingly selfish would have lower vibrations compared to the average decent person. Those with the lowest vibrations will find themselves in the lowest vibrational afterlife realm where conditions are horrendous. Information transmitted from the otherside tells us in crystal clear terms that this lowest vibrational realm is so horrible we do not have the vocabulary to describe the heinous conditions. Some from the otherside - such as Hugh Benson in the Anthony Borgia afterlife books, have tried but the description was limited because our vocabulary is restricted. He said words to the effect this lowest realm is dark, very cold, putrid in the extreme and inhabited by horrible entities who deliberately give each other horrible experiences.

13. But NOBODY sends people to this realm. It's all governed by the law of physics- the law of attraction -like level of vibrations attracts like level of vibrations. And if someone from the earthplane crosses over with extremely low vibrations (lowest spirituality), he/she will automatically be attracted to the lowest vibrating realm which can accommodate his/her level of vibrations. No one with lowest vibrations is able to inhabit the higher vibrational realms.

14. The Law of Cause and Effect also becomes operational. 'You reap what you sow' is a most powerful inevitable law. No one escapes this law; no one can erase the law of retribution. But there is also the Law of Progress which means that even if it takes eaons of time - thousands of years in earth's time, all those who crossed over to the afterlife and who send themselves in the lowest realms will at one time or another come back to the light of the higher realms.

15. How can we raise the level of our vibrations to maximize the afterlife on crossing over and have a smooth transition? Highly credible transmitted information tells us that 'service' - unselfishly helping others who are in genuine need is the most powerful, guaranteed way of raising your vibrations - raising your spirituality. Note very carefully: you do NOT have to be religious at all to raise your vibrations, i.e. to become more spiritual. As a matter of fact there are those who are atheists, agnostics and certainly non-religious who by conduct and example are very 'spiritual.' So that although religious people may be spiritual some 'religious' people may NOT be so spiritual. Being religious does not automatically mean being spiritual. Religious beliefs are irrelevant to having higher vibrations. It is not what we believe but what we DO on this planet earth that will definitively determine what is going to happen to us when we inevitably cross over.

16. Death-bed repentance. Whether we are aware of it or not, the universal Law of Cause and Effect operates all the time and no one on earth has the power to suspend its operation. If we willfully said or did something that hurt and injured others, only those injured will have the power to forgive us. And the burden will be carried into the afterlife until there is forgiveness. There cannot be further refinement or progress until we are forgiven either on this earth or in the afterlife. It is fundamentally wrong to believe that confessing your 'sins' to a priest will completely free you from all guilt, from all negative consequences when you cross over. It is far better to seek out the person and make amends while you are still alive. There have been innumerable experiences of people who crossed over seeking forgiveness from people who still reside on the physical earth-plane. This is because there cannot be individual progress in the afterlife until all is forgiven.

17. Mind is king in the afterlife dimension. We on earth do not really know how powerful the mind will be when we cross over. Transmitted information from the highly credible sources reminds us that the afterlife is governed by the 'mind'. In afterlife travel for example, we only have to think of a place anywhere to go - any place on earth or in the afterlife and we get there instantly by the power of the mind.

18. Suicide: those who intentionally cut short their lives by committing suicide will have the extra burden of assisting those who were negatively affected by their suicide. Of course, motivation is always the key. If one commits suicide to avoid responsibilities - inevitably those responsibilities will sometime in the future come back again to be dealt with. If one commits suicide to avoid intense pain where death is absolute - that would be a different matter. Each suicide will be dealt with according to motivation.

19. Love we are informed is 'the most powerful force in the universe.' Just because we cross over does not mean love is lost or is terminated. Love survives physical death and true love will mean you will never be separated from your loved ones. True unconditional love will usually mean unconditional forgiveness. This will lead to a higher level of vibrations, of spirituality and will be instrumental in graduating to higher afterlife realms where conditions are too beautiful for us on earth to imagine - something to look forward to being there.

20. CRITICAL: if when crossing over you see powerful light - GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT- but usually the LIGHT comes towards you if you are destined to proceed to the next stage of your spiritual development - to a higher realm. One member of my own family moments before dying stated she was seeing powerful LIGHT. She said, "Where is this light coming from?" Then she passed on calmly and peacefully.

Victor Zammit April 2004

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