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An English journalist investigates the Diana tapes.

'When I first listened to some of the Diana podcasts on the Net, I was amazed. They sounded so authentic, the voice and manner of speaking so like the Diana who was interviewed before her untimely death on the Panorama program which caused such shock waves to the British Establishment.

I then started having doubts, not least because, on watching YouTube video clips of Andrew Russell-Davis channeling Diana via Direct Voice mediumship it just seemed too bizarre: Diana's voice coming from a man who looks nothing like her. The voice sounded less convincing at first simply because, seeing Andrew, the expectation was to hear a man's voice, and so this is what I seemed to hear. On subsequent viewing of the YouTube clips I realized it was indeed the same voice that are on the podcasts, this became apparent particularly if I closed my eyes. I could then hear Diana speaking. The eyes tend to influence what we hear with our ears.

I posted some skeptical comments on Rose Campbell's site, she is an American medium who also channels Diana and who hosts the podcasts in which she interviews her via Andrew Russell-Davis, Diana's main channeler. I also posted a skeptical blog on my own site.

Via an exchange of emails, Rose contacted me, and later so did Andrew, and I agreed to give them my phone number. On June 9th I received several messages via my phone answering service from Andrew and 'Diana' which I missed at the time as I was out all day. In the evening, still not having listened to these answering service messages, my phone rang and it was Andrew. He said Diana would like to speak to me.

For the following hour or two I listened alternately to Andrew and someone who sounded just like Diana, and held a very interesting conversation with both.

The Diana I spoke too seemed very knowledgeable about her own family and the royal one into which she had married. She said I could ask her any questions I liked.

I made a comment about an obscure press article about a week before she died, in which a British Tory MP said that they could not allow the mother of the two royal princes, even though she was now an ex-royal, to make political comments such as one Diana had recently made comparing the more favorable attitude of the new Tony Blair Labor government on the landmines issue (i.e. getting them banned) with that of the previous John Major Tory government. A week later Diana was dead in that fatal car crash, which many believe was no mere 'accident'.

Immediately I referred to this little known press comment, Diana responded by saying: 'It was Nicholas Soames.' I then recalled he was indeed the Tory MP who made that comment. I also had the nerve to ask Diana if Harry really was Charles' son, and quite unflustered she made me promise to Google pictures of her sister, Sarah McCorkindale, where I would instantly see the famiy resemblance, and discover where Harry's red hair came from. I did this, and can confirm the young Sarah and also their brother, Charles Spencer, have red hair and certain facial similarities to Harry.

During my long conversation with Diana over the phone it seemed to me I was speaking to the spirit of the ex-princess as she seemed so knowledgeable, telling me inside secrets about various royal family members, including the Queen Mother and the Duke of Edinburgh.

She said she is also hopeful of being able to speak directly to William and Harry, via Andrew, and discuss things only the three of them knew, so they will know for certain it is their mother speaking thru Andrew. She said she felt sure they had listened to the podcasts on the Internet, but were not at liberty to comment. Andrew and I also had a conversation, and he seemed perfectly level-headed and genuine to me.

What also swayed me was that Rose Campbell and Andrew had both tried to post comments to my weblog. Andrew, channeling Diana, was unable to post, but Rose could. Two of Andrew/Diana's comments were caught by the spam filter. This is an indication that someone has gone to the trouble of telling my weblog host to search for the keywords 'Andrew Russell-Davis' and 'Diana' and treat them as Spam along with messages about cheap Viagra, etc.. I found this quite sinister, but was able to find the spammed messages and post them as comments to my blog.

I hope Victor and ohers can talk to Diana as channeled by Andrew and ascertain for sure that it is her. Being a lawyer and an expert on these kind of phenomena, Victor knows the right questions to ask to catch out any imposter, either living or in the lower regions of the Spirit world.

For myself, I have at present accepted that Andrew is channeling the real Diana Spencer, former Princess of Wales, that she has important messages she wishes to tell the world, that she indeed 'will not go quietly', and that as a consequence of what she is saying, Andrew Russell-Davis is not only attracting much hostility and insults about his mental stability, etc., but that he is indeed a very brave man challenging powerful forces, and that his very life may be in danger.

Tony Papard.