Between 1946 and 1954 Tom Harrison witnessed 1500 solid ectoplasmic materialisations in good red light through his home circle with his mother, Minnie Harrison, as the medium. All the spirit people were accepted by relatives or close friends who came as guest sitters. More details and special photos are available in his book Life after Death - Living Proof available through Saturday Night Press Publications and Amazon.com. Tom impressed all who have met him as an extremely credible witness- see his video "Visitors from the Other Side" available for purchase from Saturday Night Press Publications and on Youtube." Since Tom crossed to the other side on October 23rd 2010, he has communicated again and again. Read the whole remarkable story as told by his wife Ann.

Tom Harrison returns
By Ann Harrison

When Tom Harrison quietly took his transition on October 23rd 2010 their friend at the Acacia Centre in Spain said to Ann, ‘He’ll be back, maybe not tomorrow but he will be.’

But he was back the next morning, with his mother, both being clearly described by the medium that morning, together with Agnes (his Aunt Agg) who, as she always said, ‘just popped in’. That was the start for Ann of many contacts with him in the following months, through mental mediumship, trance and from the August, materialisation, with three different mediums, and also later Direct Voice.

In that first year, as the wonderful communicator he was when here, he connected with 28 different mediums that she was told about. Some were contacts for her even when she was not present, others were for friends and one was with a medium who had never met him but whom Ann met some months later.

Although the materialisations were in the dark there was no doubt that it was him by his distinct voice and phraseology. In the David Thompson séance at the Acacia centre in Spain Tom spoke to Ann and kissed her forehead before moving audibly across the room to speak to friends who could vouch that the voice was his; it is the same in Stewart Alexander’s home circle, of which they were members, where he is instantly recognised whenever he makes himself known.

To Ann’s knowledge he and the circle are currently working with at least four other circles. He has already given her the title of the book he wants writing about his ‘connections’ to show we do go on after the passage through the stage we know as ‘Death’ to an endless progression of life.

November 2012.


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