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Lawyer Rebuts Billionaire Kerry Packer on the Afterlife

Australian Kerry Packer, reputedly worth more than 8 billion dollars, stated to the media after being clinically dead for eight minutes following his first heart attack: "I've been on the other side and let me tell you, son, there's f---ing nothing there."

Why is Kerry Packer absolutely wrong about the afterlife?

1. Kerry Packer was uninformed about the afterlife: Granted he was a successful businessman – building an empire from the $100 million he inherited from his father to more than $8 billion just before he died on the 27th December 2005 at the age of 67 years. Much of it came from gambling – not as a punter, but from being the State backed lottery operator. Weak, perhaps corrupt or perhaps incompetent politicians handed over the State lottery rights to him on a silver platter. As informed sources observed then, it was a license to print money. Politicians, journalists, punters and some business people, sycophantic hangers on and others feared him – and still do after his death - because of his control of the media, his inexhaustible capital and at times aggressive behavior and because he gives employment to many journalists and to many others. But granted, he was extremely aggressively astute, most successful in business with an insatiable desire to push profits to their extreme. However when it comes to the afterlife, he was completely ignorant: an uninformed layperson articulating perhaps a self-serving off the cuff negative comment, a comment which could do enormous harm to those who are equally uninformed about the afterlife. For the record, Kerry Packer would be seen to be an extreme materialist – making huge money, losing relatively huge money in just one night – millions - in gambling in Australia, Las Vegas, London and elsewhere.

2. No link between wealth and knowledge: there is an unfortunate fallacy that just because a person is very wealthy, that person is omniscient and infallible about everything. WRONG! Experts will tell you that there is no correlation at all between wealth and higher learning, formalized knowledge. Just because K Packer was wealthy does not mean he knew anything about higher forms of mathematics or physics or epistemology or the vast accumulation of empirical afterlife evidence. The fact is that K Packer made a non-empirical, subjective statement about the afterlife which is inevitably subject to complete invalidation. It can never be any other way. This means K Packer’s afterlife statement is absolutely irrelevant, immaterial and inadmissible.

3. Kerry Packer ignorant about near death experiences: Kerry Packer assumed that if one is technically dead for eight minutes, there will - automatically - be a near death experience in which the person will get some first hand evidence for the afterlife. But afterlife empiricists and other highly qualified Near Death Experience specialists from many countries including Dr Kenneth Ring from the United States, Dr Peter Fenwick from England and Dr Pim Van Lommel from Holland state that only some TEN PER CENT of those who are clinically dead REMEMBER they had a near death experience. This means that K Packer had only one in ten chance of having a near death experience he would remember.

4. Kerry Packer is no authority on the afterlife: He does not have any authority about Near Death Experiences or Out of Body Experiences or the afterlife. Like some uninformed dilettante, K Packer was unaware there are some twenty three other different areas of objective evidence for the afterlife. He did not back up his statement with any empirical evidence.

5. Near-death is not dead: Further, whilst traditional medical doctors state that he was ‘technically dead’ for some eight minutes after his heart attack in 1993, afterlife empiricists are entitled to have different views on the matter because they are empirical specialists on the afterlife. There is a matter of interpretation of ‘death’ – specifically when is a person dead? If we accept the empirically elicited information which comes from high qualitative empirical mediumship we know that it is only when the silver chord connecting the physical body with the etheric body is severed that irretrievable death takes place. It is only fair, reasonable and empirically mandatory to see the matter of death holistically – not just from Kerry Packer’s restricted view which is an uninformed layperson’s view.

6. Extreme materialists have problems crossing over: information elicited from empirical mediumship tells us that those who were extreme materialists – as Kerry Packer was – are more likely than not to have very serious problem on crossing over. What happens is that the duplicate spirit body of the physical dead body gets virtually ‘stuck’ with the dead physical body. The state of mind is hugely significant at the point of crossing over. Where an extreme materialist very strongly believed nothing exists on crossing over the strongest tendency is for the spirit body to remain stuck in the physical body until it is ejected on cremation. That to me immediately explains the powerful desire of Kerry Packer – and others like him - to remain stuck in the physical body and not have a near death experience. It is no wonder therefore K Packer says – I saw nothing. I experienced nothing. That makes a lot of sense to me.

7. Unnecessary hostility: Content analysis of Packer’s saying, “ … there's f---ing nothing there" shows that when he uses the word ‘f……’ he is hostile to the existence of the afterlife. Experts in behavior will tell you that the use of the language reveals a great deal about the feelings of the person, about his attitude, about his emotions, about his personality and perhaps even a little about his character. There would be legitimate reasons why K Packer would be hostile to the existence of the afterlife – see 8 below.

8. Afterlife physics: Why would a media mogul, heavily into big time gambling – at times losing a reported $5 to $15 million a night, mixing with low vibrational people, making huge legitimate and other shady business deals which require opportunism, exploitation, some transgressions, negative manipulation of people and circumstances, bullying and unconscionable conduct - accept the afterlife – when the accepting the afterlife inevitably would mean accountability? Psychologically, K Packer would not want to accept the existence of the afterlife. Now if K Packer was into these stated negative behaviors he would not want to accept the existence of the afterlife where he has to account for all his negativity and where the consequences would be very harsh, horrendous and horrible for an indefinite period of time. Afterlife empiricists know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is afterlife physics – it is the Law of Cause and Effect, it is karma – which means nobody will get away with all the negative deeds on earth, nobody. Inevitably, it is only natural for someone like K Packer to go into denial and rationalization of the non-existence of a future afterlife negative dimension. It would show, in the long term basis, he was not so smart after all. He was a short term thinker.

9. Reports he was philanthropic: Perhaps it was true that he gave money to charity. But one has to remember context and quantum – how much did he really give to charity? In the seventies he was able to obtain a license from Australia’s State of New South Wales Premier (equivalent to a state U.S. Governor) to operate gambling by way of lotto. The chance of winning lotto we are told now is around one in some twenty million! So that there would have been too many gambling addicts betting their weekly wages always hoping they could beat the odds – the more they lose, the more money Packer makes. It just cannot be ignored that a lot of people were made- and are still being made - really miserable because of their gambling addiction – not much different from drug addiction. Kerry Packer collected billions from gambling addiction – hugely obscene profits. Now, giving one or two or three or four or five million dollars would be like the average wage earner giving ten to fifty cents to charity – no big deal at all. So that one has to take into consideration exactly how much money was given to charity by K Packer when we are repeatedly told he was worth some $8 billion dollars. Let’s say a prudent person gives 5% of his net income to the Church or to charity – not unreasonable at all. This means that we would expect Kerry Packer to give some $350 million. So giving even up to $5 million - for some people that would be enormous amount of money - but in context and proportion to his over all assets and HOW he was able to make those billions, will show he gave a couple of peanuts to charity – probably to offset the enormous guilt for the huge money he was making out of the people of the State.

10. WHAT COULD BE DONE WITH EVEN $7 BILLION? Let’s say we allow Kerry Packer with a reasonable $1 billion. That leaves $7 billion. That wealth could be spread and hidden into all kinds of companies. One report claimed that Packer bought a company which had a staggering $500 million in debts. That would mean he could use that to grossly reduce his taxes on the millions he was getting from being a gambling operator. $7 billion – that kind of money – instead of it going into the pocket of one person, it ought to have gone to the people of the State of New South Wales to build hospitals, roads, the very urgently needed water saving equipment - other urgently needed infrastructure work. Instead, the people of New South Wales are in crises to-day: there are not enough hospitals - they have long queues of patients waiting to be operated on – sometimes for many years. There is very grave danger water reserves will be empty by 2009 and huge capital is required to offset this grave crisis. New, modern roads are needed to offset the huge traffic congestions and dangers of the Pacific Highway and so on. If the politicians were not so stupid, fearful and timorous in handing over the money to private enterprise, losing billions to the State, some $7 billion would now be in the hands of the people of New South Wales. One perhaps can’t blame Kerry Packer for maximizing his power to obtain more profits for himself. But, we see in retrospect, that politicians are short term thinkers, taking the line of least resistance, many times are colossal cowards - and unless the politicians and the people learn from the huge blunders of history, these huge, egregious blunders will unfortunately be repeated.

11. CLAIMS K PACKER DID NOT PAY HIS TAX AND ASSOCIATED WITH CRIMINALS. The Costigan Commission years ago made claims that that alluded to K Packer – identified him by the code name ‘goanna’, that he did not pay his due monies in legitimate tax from the huge profits he was making and that he associated with criminals. Years later the charges were not pursued.


Ultimately, his level of vibrations will determine where eventually he will end up. There will be no St Peter or God or the Pearly Gates on crossing over. Kerry Packer in fact, like everybody else would judge himself by the level of vibrations he brought with him from physical earth. He will take with him only the duplicate spiritual body of his physical body, with all his memories, any addictions and proclivities intact- and with the accumulated vibrations (level of spirituality) he gained – or lost during his lifetime on earth. If his level of vibrations is relatively high – he’s likely to end up in the Third Realm, the realm of the light. But if he was into consistent negative behavior, into selfishness or cruelty or aggression or gross, heavy materialism, he would have relatively low vibrations accumulated and the worst case scenario is that he is likely to end down in the lower end of the Astral realm – a dark, unpleasant place where other aggressive spirits like him will roam around in this level for thousands of years.

Empirical afterlife specialists will tell you there could be several scenarios:

a) he might have been a secret philanthropist spreading substantive wealth to different charities with the unselfish motivation to help others. That would get him into the realm of the light – at least the Third Realm where conditions are hugely better than on earth.

b) if he was an extreme materialist – as his overt conduct showed him to be, he could have problems ending on the Astral level. This is a dark realm and is very close to earth. His problem would be that he will realize he has got exactly the same body with the same clothes as he had when he physically died. Now, he can refuse to believe he is dead and keep on believing he is still alive because he will be able to move around and think as he used to think. On crossing over in character, absolutely nothing change- he’ll be thinking exactly the same way as he used to before crossing over. But when he tries to talk to people – no one living on earth will respond to him. He could get very confused about his condition – and this state of confusion could last for a long, very long time.

c) On crossing over he could just freeze and stay in a dark place for an indefinite period of time because he will have consciousness which may tell him to just stay there, not to go anywhere.

d) There is another likely alternative: he was himself addicted to big time gambling. As a matter of fact when his medical specialist told him he could have just two weeks to live – he seriously thought of going to Las Vegas for the last big gamble! Now that kind of aggressive deep-seated addiction could result in him being ‘sucked’ into gambling places where he will try to obtain vicarious enjoyment by influencing some big time gamblers in Las Vegas or elsewhere. Transmitted information showed how one alcoholic on crossing over ended in bars trying to satisfy his addiction to alcohol by trying to move into the throat of a person on earth drinking alcohol. The principle is exactly the same where addiction is the key factor.

e) Afterlife conditions are vastly different from those on earth: whilst the character does not change on crossing over, conditions inevitably change. If K Packer ends up in the lower Astral level he will be rubbing shoulders with those others who have low vibrations - rough and tough people who were also cruel or extremely selfish - from those who were extremely poor to those who were extremely rich and powerful. Afterlife physics is brutally efficient in its operation and does not discriminate about who was who in life. It is purely a matter of how low or how high are your vibrations - (the level of spirituality). Those who were on the lower edge of society - garbage collectors, ditch diggers and others in very low work who were unselfish and helped others- these people would have increased their vibrations - their level of spirituality - and will inevitably go in the higher realms. These are the true spiritual billionaires for thousands of years not for just a few short decades. Conditions for them will be hugely better than the ugly, dark, low Astral level where foul mouthed and aggressive spirits roam aimlessly in desperation!

Accordingly, things are about the afterlife not as Kerry Packer told us they are. He might have been an expert at other material things but when it came to afterlife matters, he knew absolutely nothing.

Victor Zammit- December 2005

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