A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Part 1- Background

See also Part 2- John's methods for doing EVP and sample EVP files.
See also Part 3-
What John has learned about the Afterlife from his EVP communications with his wife Annie

An interview with John Wright
North Wales

I want to thank you for the opportunity in being able to let other people know that they can continue to communicate with their loved ones if they have the same faith that I have. I am now turned 80 and I do not believe that there is much longer for me here. I am ready to join my lovely wife at any time, knowing that the best is yet to come. At my age I do not do politics or religion any longer, after all what has God to do with man made religion!. Some things that are lost with age are compensated the wisdom that you gain. John (27th May 2011)

1. Can you tell me a little about yourself
The first 18 years of my working life were spent as a full-time professional fire officer and death was no stranger to me. Many times people died in my arms and I felt that these persons had simply moved on into a different realm. I left the service and trained as an Electronic Technician at college. During my career I worked in the professional recording business designing and constructing recording studios in the North west of England. I have also worked in video recording so I have an in-depth knowledge in those subjects. I have been back to college and updated my skills to present day standards and even during my retirement gone on to study the latest information in Quantum Mechanics.

2. Tell me about you and Annie?
She was my first girl friend and I was her first boy friend back in 1951 when we met. We were married at St. Mary’s (On the Hill) Anglican Church, Chester, on 1st June 1953. She died on 16th January 2001- we were together for almost 48years.

3. Would you say you were very close?

She was always such an active person and was always wanting to help me in whatever I did.
We were always close but never more so than the last six years of her life. Annie had suffered four strokes (within a fortnight) in 1995 that resulted in complete paralysis of the whole of the right side of her body. I nursed her at home night and day for the following six years with very little help from anyone. Annie was expected to only last a few days but after two months in a nursing home she was allowed home. It was only when she eventually got home that she realised exactly the condition that she was in and she would never be able to get out of the chair that she sat in on her own. She broke her heart. I told her that in future I would be the arm and leg that she couldn't use so I dedicated the rest of my life to looking after her.

4. Did you have children?
We have two sons and a daughter. We also had a son who died before he was born. Actually that reminds me of something that may interest your readers. We lost our son when Annie was six months pregnant. I was badly hurt and hospitalised and Annie was in such shock that it brought on a miscarriage. After Annie died I contacted her one evening via EVP and she was so excited when she came through. "John it's the baby" she said "I've found the baby and his name is Victor." I was dumbfounded and after a while she said she was referring to the baby that died before he was born. She went on to say that he had grown up in Heaven, and spoke about him for some time after that.

5 . Tell me about Annie’s death?

She died at 6.30 a.m. (she later told me the exact time) on 16th January 2001, two days after being admitted to a private nursing home for two weeks respite care. She has told me what happened from her point of view via EVP. She says she was lying in her bed in the nursing home watching T.V. when she suddenly felt very tired and fell asleep. The post mortem found an artery inside the heart had burst causing immediate death. She then saw herself lying there and realised what had happened. She said that she was very frightened at first but later she saw myself and my daughter Alison come into the room. She saw me distressed and kissing her. I asked her what happened when we left to go home and she just said "I came with you." She also said when I asked her who she saw as she died she said "They were all there" meaning her family. I was in such a state of shock that I can hardly recall what happened for the next few days. I asked her what happened after the funeral and she said that she was with me until then all the time but then she fell asleep.

6 . Did you sense her after she died?

Yes. About 4/5 weeks after she passed I was in what is called the Alpha state of waking from a nap in her chair when I had a vision of her. She was sitting on the floor by a nearby settee and looking up at me. My first impression was that she was in her early twenties and looked absolutely radiant- just like in this wedding photo of her. Her eyes were wide and expressed a look of adoration. The experience will live with me forever and is unforgettable. I asked her later, (after I had good communication) if it was she and she replied, "Yes it was me".

Also a couple of weeks before that, and whilst I was still in shock at the loss of her I had a vision of my Mother who had died twenty years before, came to me as I awoke one morning. Although she was 73 when she died, she looked about 40 and just stood in front of me and said "Ann’s with us John". These visions cannot be put into words because they are so strikingly real.

7 . When did you first achieve EVP contact?

It was about two years after she passed. I had tried E.V.P. a short time before this with no result. Due to my sensing a number of strange things, (knocks, etc. when I was thinking of her) and a notable apport one night. I attended the local Spiritual Church and spiritual awareness classes with no apparent results. So I decided to go it alone and investigate the afterlife by reading books, websites etc. I was influenced mainly by Mark Macy from www.WorldITC.org. I was more than skeptical, but decided to at least try it again. The result was immediate and mind shattering.

8. How could you be sure that it really was Annie?
I spoke to Annie with the intention of verifying her identity. I was quite hard on her, accusing the voice of misrepresenting my wife. However the responses that I got left me in no doubt that it was Annie. When I contacted her I used the usual approach by concentrating my thoughts and words directly to her, asking out loud if she was ready. Since this has now become the standard, I can only assume she hears me and is already present in spirit. On playback Annie opened with "Yes this is Ann, (she always referred to herself as Ann and not Annie), it really is me John". I then apologized to her for doubting her and she said, "It’s alright". I felt terrible. The conversation then went on with exchanges between us as usual.

9. Did you ever have EVP contact with anyone else?
I did have some annoying contacts who were interrupting and using swear words at first. I was getting fed up with it but I followed the advice from Sarah Estep's book by ignoring them. I also asked Annie about the problem and she asked me to ignore them. I felt so sorry for these people but could do nothing for them due to my ignorance. On one occasion, I was very annoyed by one and told him that the time may come when he would have to face me on level ground. I did not hear from him again. I also asked the ‘other side’ (I addressed Timestream) for exclusive contact with my wife Annie. Almost immediately that is what happened. I experimented later and no other voices were heard except on one or two isolated occasions when I was almost always aware of them. Usually Annie confirmed this was the case. Even though I now have a direct line to Annie, sometimes other entities may break in with sarcastic remarks. I can only assume that they are from a different level of the afterlife with a mischievous nature. I feel sorry for them and I wish that I could help them.

10. Would you encourage other people to use EVP?
I would providing their motives are acceptable. I consider it a serious business and not for entertainment or sensational reasons. We have to bear strictly in mind that we are speaking to people, who were once as they are now, and deserve as much respect, as they would desire. There is no profit to be gained by abusing this gift or it may be rewarded by bad karma. It has been reported that the Pope (and therefore the Catholic Church) has approved of it and it is also practiced by certain Roman Catholic Priests for the correct reasons. There is no bar to anyone who desires to contact a lost loved one, for they are waiting right near to you. Send them your thoughts of love and they will hear you.


See Part 2- John's methods for doing EVP and sample EVP files.
See Part 3-
What John has learned about the Afterlife from his EVP communications with his wife Annie


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