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The Mediumship of George Chapman (1921-2006)

One of the most stunningly evidential recent examples of trance mediumship was the partnership of George Chapman with deceased doctor William Lang (1852-1937) who had been an eye specialist at London's Middlesex Hospital up until 1914.

For sixty years Chapman's body, while in a trance, would be used by Dr. Lang to facilitate "spirit operations" on the etheric bodies of his patients, which would then result in healing of their physical bodies. He performed these operations with either no physical contact or a very light touch.

William Lang the doctor who worked through George Chapman had been an eye surgeon at the famous Moorfields Eye Hospital in London between 1880 and 1914.

When the news spread that he was said to be operating through George Chapman, many of Lang's former colleagues came to Chapman to expose this phoney medium but went away when Lang recognised them and greeted them by name.

A group of doctors set up a trust so that Chapman could work for them without any financial worries which he did for many years treating the patients they sent him and achieving remarkable results.

A dental surgeon, Dr. Sydney Gerald Miron, was so impressed with the fact that his wife had been cured by George Chapman/ Dr. Lang that he wrote a book The Return of Dr. Lang (Lang publishing Co.Aylesbury 1958) detailing some of his remarkable cures. These included cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, kidney disorders, brain tumours, heart trouble, cancer and other ailments.

Numerous celebrities consulted the Chapman/Lang partnership, including the actors Laurence Harvey and Stanley Holloway; the writers Barbara Cartland and Roald Dahl, also Lady Barbirolli, and the exiled King and Queen of Romania.
Clinics were set up in Paris, Lausanne and New York.

Although physical healing was an important aspect of Chapman's work, he stated that the main purpose of Dr. Lang's manifestation was to convince people of the reality of life after death. He also stressed the importance of testing the spirit to ensure its authenticity, and cross-checking any claims made with information available from physical sources.

Patients and medical colleagues who had actually known Dr. Lang in real life claimed that he recognised them and shared information with them that only they knew.

Dr. Lang's daughter, Marie Lyndon Lang, was initially skeptical that her father was manifesting through George Chapman but after hearing his voice, observing his mannerisms and asking personal questions concerning events which only she and her father knew about, she made this declaration:

"The person who speaks through George Chapman and
claims to be William Lang is, without a doubt, my father."

For thirty-one years until her death at the age of ninety-four in May,1977, Marie Lyndon spoke regularly with her deceased father. At her request, however, both her intimate connection to the increasingly popular Dr. Lang and her consultations with him were kept secret until
her death.

Dr. Lang's granddaughter, Mrs. Susan Fairtlough, reacted with anger when she heard that a healer was "pretending" to be her grandfather.But after meeting George Chapman and Dr. Lang, Mrs Fairtlough had this to say:

"To my great horror, or rather, stupefaction, the man who was in this room was indisputably my grandfather. It was not him physically, but it was his voice, his behavior. It was unquestionable. He spoke to me and evoked precise events of my childhood. And I was so impressed that all I could say was, 'Yes, grandpapa. No, grandpapa.'" (Fisher)

Testimonials to Dr. Lang's brilliance have been furnished by a host of living doctors, few of whom wished to be named for fear of professional censure. After meeting Dr. Lang for the first time in December, 1969, Dr. Robert Laidlaw of New York told how he discussed in a professional manner certain ophthalmological conditions and techniques, and added: "I fully believed them, and I believe now, that I was conversing with the surviving spirit of a doctor who had died
some thirty years ago."

George Chapman’s trance mediumship met his own criteria of evidence:
* The spirit communicator should speak as near as possible to the way
he spoke on earth,
* He should use the same phrases and mannerisms
* He should manifest other personal characteristics
* He should be able to give dates, names and details of his earthly
experiences that can be verified
* He should be able to discuss intimate matters with relatives and
colleagues still on earth.

In 1975 he was awarded "Spiritualist of 1975", the award being presented by Harry Edwards.

Obituary- The Telegraph 12th August 2006

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