A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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VICTOR J ZAMMIT: I Shook Hands With Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on 23rd June 2006

There is an afterlife revolution going on in Sydney, Australia to-day. Materialization medium David Thompson is performing extremely well and creating a groundswell of interest in physical mediumship. I attended stunning materialization sessions three times. And on each occasion I conversed with materialized etherians who walked and talked and discussed afterlife issues. To me it was a miracle to experience a phenomenon that I had read about so much but did not expect to encounter in this day and age! But of course I quickly remembered that it is all about afterlife physics.

This is spectacular news. In my sixteen years of consistent afterlife research, this is the very first time I can say with absolute certainty that I was sure paranormal activity had taken place. Whilst I can guarantee materializations have taken place, at this stage I cannot guarantee that those I conversed with are who they claim to be. But this inevitably will take time to confirm – voice correlations have to be made and other tests done whenever possible.

The situation is no different from the reader telephoning a friend overseas. The reader would know the friend by the content of the conversation, by the voice, pitch, pace, accent, resonance and by the familiar phraseology. But the reader would not have any way of proving to a third party that the person who he is talking to is who he/she claims to be. That would need empirical testing of voice comparisons. It is no different with materialized etherians.

At the first meeting I met the medium’s control, ‘William.’ He has a warmth and a calmness that helped us to relax and feel more comfortable. He spoke cautiously and steadily. His voice was resonant, exuding a great deal of authority. He very courteously welcomed me – and my wife by name and by placing his right hand on my left shoulder. He comes across as a man of great wisdom, patience and understanding. His mission he said is to continue to help convince people that the afterlife exists.

At our second meeting an entity materialized and claimed to be Arthur Conan Doyle. He invited me to ask him questions which I did. The questions and answers are on my website. When I asked Sir Arthur about free will in the afterlife he walked towards me, grabbed my hand and shook hands with me. I noticed that his hand was twice the size of the medium’s hand – it was comparatively very big, very firm, and as solid as my own. His voice came from immediately in front of me at the height of a man above average height.

I also conversed with that famous American jazz musician, ‘Louis Armstrong.’ Mr Ingman says that Louis Armstrong told him in one of the sessions that the reason he bothers to materialize is that he is doing spiritual service – helping people to understand that there is an afterlife.

During the second session, Timothy, a lovely lively spirit asked me who I would like to meet at the next meeting. I answered quickly, “Arthur Findlay” someone I have always admired. Sure enough at the third meeting on the seventh July 06, Arthur Findlay materialized.

This is something which was quite truly spectacular. William, David Thompson’s control, in materialized form had been discussing the issue of whether or not mediums should charge money for their services. It was a fairly intense discussion that took nearly an hour and the energy was dissipating. But Arthur Findlay then materialized and said he did not have much time as the energy was low. But what he stated was subsequently shown to be quite dramatic. With his voice reduced almost to a whisper, he called me by name and asked if I would do him a favor. He asked me to go to page 57 of his book On The Edge of the Etheric and put that page on my website alongside my report on the materialization session. “Of course I will”, I replied.

I was intrigued by what I was going to find on page 57. When I went home, I looked it up and it was all about his medium, John Sloan, taking very little money for his mediumship! We all have respect for that great man Arthur Findlay, and it appears that he is still making a contribution from the afterlife, even though he crossed over in 1964.

The voices were recorded using an MP3 recorder– a tiny tape recorder. It was interesting that every time an etherian materialized and dematerialized a “whooshing” sound was heard. That was captured on the MP3 and ‘Audacity’ – an audio editing software program, shows that the graph of the whooshing sound has a very distinct and consistent pattern different from human voices.

In the second meeting an etherian materialized claiming to be Montague Keen. He said very little – only that he would be working with us to prove the afterlife.

Back to Louis Armstrong. During the second materialization experiment he sang What a Wonderful World. He actually sang a duet with a recording of himself playing in the background. On the third session he also sang a duet of his favorite, Hello Dolly. I have put the sound files on my website so you can hear for yourselves his materialized voice. You will hear when he stops singing half way through and then starts again.

How can all this be real? I can tell the readers that I stake my reputation that materializations are taking place, absolutely no doubt about that. I am a specialist in the admissibility of evidence and I have been systematically researching the afterlife for over sixteen years. Whilst I worked in the courts as a lawyer I am also formally qualified as a psychologist, I have three years of scientific method and have participated in séances, spiritual meetings and channeling, for sixteen years.

But experiencing materialization is absolutely sensational. It is absolutely staggering to be conversing with those who have been physically dead for decades. More research has to be done to empirically confirm that the entities are who they claim to be. William told us to be patient and that in time light will be produced by Spirit.

Naturally enough a skeptic has already attacked my report trying to raise doubt and claim fraud! Materializations give the skeptics a great deal of anxiety. And when skeptics have been skeptics for some forty years or more, the last thing they want to hear is that they could have been wrong all that time.

As most of my readers know, I can speak the language of the skeptics. The ‘professional’ skeptics claim they can duplicate any psychic experiment. So here is the challenge: to either ‘put up or shut up’! If you, the skeptic, can duplicate in toto the phenomena produced by David Thompson in our materializations experiments I will pay you the guaranteed sum of half a million dollars. But if you fail, you will have to give the medium David Thompson half a million dollars.

You can read my full rebuttal of the skeptic attack on my website where you will also see more reports about these miraculous materializations which are taking the world by storm and sound files, where you will hear the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle saying that there is no death, Louis Armstrong singing, a little of Arthur Findlay and the materialized voice of William the control.

Thanks to materialization medium David Thompson and his wonderful spirit team, all this is happening now – and even greater things will be happening in the near future.