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Sent: Saturday, 14 June 2008 8:39 PM
Subject: Diana speaks about Barry Eaton Interview Radio Out There

Date Posted:25/01/2006 08:07:05):

" Hello, Though still very much a subject of great contention with some of you, something I fully realise, my channelling through Andrew is something very real with obviously a purpose or it would not be something significant which it is and will prove itself in being, he will become extremely well known and I have to say this process is already starting as I have a number of things I need to say, not least of all about the events taking place in Paris in August of 1997 and already this is happening!

Albeit through him ( A Voice - Medium ) having spoken on radio in the U.S. and most recently on Australian radio, which is a transmission that from February 1st you will be able to hear for yourselves in the archive area on the internet and which I am sure will prove to be of immense interest to some of you anyway as intended naturally with more transmissions to follow elsewhere in the world! In my life I was never afraid to speak out about things that I felt were important to me albeit not making me popular in all areas, I knew that but it didn't stop me and in this respect I have not changed at all so as I say you will be hearing a lot more from me in the future from various sources, there are of course others who channel me.

Andrew is not alone in this respect and that is of course very important for people to realise as it gives a lot more credence to it's being true, not that Andrew as I have said previously has anything personally to gain by pretending otherwise except as he has received already abuse and insults by some on the net but this has not daunted him but made him even more determined to assist me in getting my words literally "Out There!" and settling a few scores with honesty as opposed to fantasy which until now anyway has invariably been the case as publicised by less informed sources and the time is now appropriate for this and anyone who knew me will know when I wanted something done, when I set my heart on something, anything, I achieved it and would not stop until I had done ........ a very stubborn and determined lady!

Naturally coming from the source it is, an area which I have said before raises a lot of doubt with some people and questioning with others, he will not be believed in by all and indeed quite the opposite in fact, likely to be ridiculed and even thought by some as I was accused of being, unstable and quite mad, the media quite mercenary in their tactics ... I just thought I'd draw attention to this point before it happens and so once again anticipating the future in advance but he is already prepared for this and believed in or not will be making quite an impression and that's what most counts and my site has a purpose therefore in being on the net as the foundation stone for all that follows and one therefore that as already can be seen is increasing in popularity which is marvellous and extremely encouraging and for this I thank all of you now who are taking an interest in it.

It is after all your support that will help to balance the equation and that in the light of things to come is not something that can or ought to be under estimated in its value at all and why I am personally most grateful to you for it, your genuine interest in everything is something very much appreciated by me and I wanted you all to know that. Also of course proving that I'm still very much around and that I know is a comforting thought for some of you and again something there for personally very important to me for you all to realise and to believe!"

© Andrew Russell-Davis 2005



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