A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife




(This would be fairly close to a real cross-examination- the information is taken from what closed-minded materialist J.Zwingi Randi has ALREADY ACCEPTED and IMPLIED. Some very minor flexibility and embellishment consistent with Zwingi Randi’s beliefs and record have been used for easier reading and understanding of the script. Words in caps are there for emphasis - very important in cross-examination).


Victor: Have you been rubbishing the police lately?

Randi: No, no, no … I have a lot of respect for the police … I think they do marvelous work …

Victor: Have you ever attacked the COMPETENCE of the police?

Randi: Never! As I said, the police do marvelous work for the people … we owe a great deal to the police … I never attacked the competence of the police …

Victor: Have you ever indirectly called the police ‘frauds’?

Randi: No, no … I have not … I never do …

Victor: Do you think the police are smart and tough …

Randi: Absolutely! They have to be very smart and very tough to deal with tough criminals and troublemakers …

Victor: Are you familiar with the police officers there in Vero Beach in Florida?

Randi: (cautiously) I don’t know them personally … but I am sure they are police with integrity …

Victor: One of the cases involved senior police officers Captain Larry Tippins and Sergeant Phil Redstone of the River County Sherriff’s Office. Some years ago they investigated the Ling case – where Mrs Ling and her 17 year old daughter were brutally executed – are you familiar with the case?

Randi: No … I’m not ..

Victor: These two senior police officers I mentioned worked on the case - it went completely cold and they had no more leads. So they called on a former police officer Phil Jordan, who is now a gifted psychic helping the police. Now both these officers stated on television to millions of people in the United States and around the world, that the psychic was very helpful. Captain Larry Tippins said, “The psychic helped us to put these criminals away and certainly opened my eyes to use psychics in the future” Sergeant Redstone stated in his own words, "I will use psychics again". Now, why is it that highly respectable, highly intelligent and highly experienced, tough senior police officers accept the existence of the paranormal and you don’t. Would you be calling these senior officers FRAUDS?

Randi: No they’re not frauds, but they’re wrong about the psychic … besides that’s hearsay …

Victor: Your Honor, the police statements are expressed in direct speech - what the police officers themselves actually said. It’s NOT coming through a third party. What the police said about the psychic in direct speech is critical. The issue here is not whether what the police stated was true but the fact that the senior police officers actually said what they did. (Victor looking at Randi). Of course, it will be up to the members of the jury whether to believe the senior police officers ... or to believe the defendant….

Judge: Yes, yes, go on …

Victor (to Randi): You mean to say that highly intelligent, highly experienced, highly qualified police officers with many years experience were fooled by a PSYCHIC – IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE SAYING?

Randi: No no, no …

Victor (going towards Randi): Is it not also possible that YOU don’t understand what a psychic is and what a psychic does?

Randi: I do …

Victor: Or is it above your head that the police deal with psychics because they help them get PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to convict criminals.

Randi: (Does not answer … then quietly) … a one off that could have been mistaken as psychic …

Victor: A ONE-OFF you suggest? (addressing His Honor … item G – court attendant gives copies to the members of the jury) … Here is a list of highly experienced tough senior police officers – their cases taken from the documentary television series PSYCHIC DETECTIVES and PSYCHIC INVESTIGATORS. These police officers stated on television to millions of people in the United States and around the world that they obtained critical PHYSICAL EVIDENCE which CLOSED the cases as a result of information given to them by gifted psychics and mediums. I will quote the police officers word for word.

(Victor looks at the members of the jury) I refer to case number 1- the Nicole Arochas murder. After working with gifted psychic Frank St John, senior police officer Captain William Gawron of SAYREVILLE Police Department confirmed about this psychic, “I was skeptical at first … I still don’t know how they do what they do … but I certainly would work with a psychic again in the future.” Detective Novak of Sayreville Police said, “The (psychic) does indeed have special psychic powers … I certainly would like to have that power!”

Case number 2: Kurt Hameline, Assistant District Attorney of Oneida County stated words to the effect that using psychics was critical in catching the murderers. Phil Jordan gave the police critical information – some fifteen most relevant facts – which led to the arrest and conviction of three murderers now serving 100 years in prison each. Sheriff Bill Hasenaurer of Oneida Country Sheriff’s Office, stated “I accept the psychics’ role in helping with murder cases – and I will call them again – because they get results. I am now a great BELIEVER IN PSYCHICS HELPING THE POLICE”. Sgt. Lynton Clark of Oneida Sheriff’s Office said, "Yes, I completely agree about the use of psychics in solving murders.

Case Number 3- the Sylvester Tonet case: Gifted psychic Nancy Myer gave information to detective Will Greenaway from Montroeville that made it possible for the Monroeville Police to find the missing man. Detective Will Greeway said - to quote him, "I was skeptical at first, but as the psychic began to forward information about the case, I knew I was dealing with a genuine psychic because all information was deadly accurate …”

Case Number 4- The Shilie Turner murder: Gifted psychic Valerie Morrison was contacted by Detective Frank Martin of Philadelphia Police Dept on a recommendation from the FBI. The case had gone completely cold. The victim was Shilie Turner, 21 year old Olympic hopeful female athlete who failed to return home one night. Valerie Morrison assisted the police to obtain physical evidence which led to the closing of the case. Detective Martin said, “All the information given to us by the psychic was ONE HUNDRED PER CENT CORRECT.”

Case number 5: Detective Lou Masterbone from Morris County Sheriff’s office stated in the Keyes Children abduction case: “If it wasn’t for Nancy Weber (psychic), in this case we would not have gotten the (kidnapped) children back … her insight, her help … we could not have done it without her.”

Case number 6: . Detective Joseph Uribe of Montana Dept. of Justice stated that the assistance given by gifted psychic Noreen Renier in the missing person Walter Sullivan case was “accurate in every detail.”

Case number 7. The Rose Swartwood case - Detective David Olszowy, Sergeant Charles Patterson, Lt. Mike Mucci from Cheming County Sheriff’s department New York were involved in the investigation of a murder. Lieutenant Mike Mucci called Phil Jordan, psychic who was a former police officer. Lt Mucci stated that the psychic was “one hundred per cent correct with the information given”. Other police officers also stated that the psychic was brilliant: “I don’t care how it (psychic phenomena) works. I don’t know how it works and I don’t care how it works – the main thing is that the bad guy gets caught.”

Case number 8: The Kidnap Murder of Jamie Case involving Midwest City Police Department, Oklahoma City Police Department and County Sheriff’s Office. Detective Paul Zeckman said, (supported by Detective Dan Evans, Police Officer Patrick Quigley, and Assistant District Attorney Diedre Esherman, and Detective Pam Garrick – all in agreement), “I don’t know how these psychics do it. But they perform a service we cannot ignore. One day psychic witnesses testimony will be admitted as evidence. In the past DNA and polygraphs were not admitted in evidence, so it will be only a matter of time before psychic evidence will be admitted because of the critical information they give us to solve murders.”

Case number 9. The Murder of ‘Owen E’. Lompoc Police Department – near Santa Barbara – engaged the services of brilliant psychic Dixie Yeterian who has a record of assisting other police departments and the FBI. Detective Mel Ramos (Ret.) of Lompoc Police Department stated, “The psychic solved the mystery really… the psychic accurately described what happened to the murdered father.” He added … “but for her psychic skills the murder would not have been solved because the matter came to an absolute dead end.”

Case number 10. Police sergeant Richard Keaton of Marin County Police Department homicide division with 30 years of experience stated in a 1998 program (prepared by Discovery Communications for the Science of the Impossible series) that he often calls in psychic Annette Martin. He stated: “She actually obtains the critical information - physical evidence. I don’t ask too many questions because I have seen too many successes … When Annette comes to the (Police) Department we normally sit in a quiet office. I give her a brief outline of what the case is about. Annette concentrates … goes into meditation … and starts sharing verbally with us the things she’s seeing or perceiving … we take her to the crime scene … and would ask her what she can see … about evidence … and she’s able to replay that like a video tape like a movie …”

Case number 11. Mt Pleasant Police Department (Iowa) Police Chief August Hagers said of psychic Phil Jordan after the case was completed, “Psychics have their place … what Phil had seen was accurate … they (psychics) have something we don’t have … they have a sixth sense. I would do it again and call psychic Phil Jordan.” This had to do with the brutal killing of Clementine Beavers and her sixteen year old daughter. The case had gone completely cold until the psychic was called in to assist.

Case number 12- The disappearance of Norman Lewis. This case involved WILLISTON POLICE DEPARTMENT, FLORIDA. Senior Detective Slauter and Sergeant Baxter called in psychic Noreen Renier when the case went cold. Senior detective Slauter said, "Noreen Reiner - the psychic gave us everything we needed to find Mr Lewis ... and I am convinced that if we didn't use a psychic in this case, Mr Lewis would still be at the bottom of that quarry ...".

Case number 13- The murder of Norma Hofer. Captain Gary Colla, from the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department, said about gifted psychic Donielle Gordon, “ … she gave me accurate information the first time, why can’t it be true for the second time?” and the Captain continues, “… it turns out that Donielle was an investigator too, like a fingerprint expert or an expert analyzing clothing fiber …was one piece of the puzzle that helped bring it all together. Well done job.” And Deputy Michelle Sandri who worked on the case with Captain Gary Colla, said, “ (what Donielle the psychic did) … makes you believe in psychics. Because of the psychic we resolved it real quick instead of taking months or years …”

Case number 14- Assistant District Attorney of Jefferson Parish Office, W.J. Le Blanc could not resolve a crime concerning the brutal murder of Janet Myers. He called gifted psychic Rosemary Kerr. After the crime was solved and the case was closed, Assistant District Attorney said, “Rosemary’s contribution to this case was significant …I relied on Rosemary for details …There are clearly individuals in this world who have an ability that are beyond our normal five senses. Rosemary (the psychic) is such a person.”

Case numbere 15. Virginia’s Staunton Police in 1979– Deputy Ronnie Whisman said about psychic Noreen Renier, “We (the police) were impressed by the psychic on the important information she was able to give us … everything she said about the case came true.” Special Agent Darrel Stilwell said, “ .. obviously she has (psychic) power … gives you something extra to work with.” Deputy Ronnie Whisman asked the psychic “when will the rapist be caught?” The psychic replied, “Before Christmas.”The crimanal was caught on the 22nd December 1979.

Judge: Mr Zammit, how far do you want to go with this?

Victor: Your Honor, these are just fifteen cases selected from fifty cases. They represent how informed police officers perceive gifted psychics who helped them to solve crime. All the police are saying the same thing in all these fifty reports: that they find psychics help them collect the physical evidence to convict the accused or to find missing persons. I don’t want to waste the court’s time and I don’t think at this stage it is necessary to add more of the same type of evidence to make the point … besides members of the jury have the list ...

His Honor: Yes, yes, go on ....

Victor to Randi: Now, are you saying that these hardened, tough senior police officers who repeatedly stated that psychics were critical in helping them find the physical evidence they needed to solve crimes are being fraudulent to millions of viewers around the world?

Randi: (Very quiet, no response …..)

Victor: Yes … that says it all!

JULY 22nd 2011