Amanda Wright-Tabone writes:

My Father-In-Law's Visit.

The experience I am about to share happened eight months after my
father-in-law, Alfred, passed away. When he was alive and came to visit us he would spend many hours sitting at our breakfast bench chatting to me as I plodded around the kitchen, it was our special thing, we would have some great conversations as he was a very educated man, he studied to be a Capuchin monk for six years, studying psychology, philosophy, Latin, Italian and several other areas before leaving the monastery due to
illness. He was a very enlightened soul, a truly loving individual.

On the evening in question I was going into my kitchen, lost in what I was doing and in my own thoughts while my husband, Bill was playing with our young son, Joey, in the living room.

The living room was connected to the kitchen and family room by a large archway and our master bedroom was directly across the living room from the archway.

As I turned and looked up towards the breakfast bench I was shocked to see my father-in-law sitting on one of the bar stools, leaning on the breakfast bench as he used to do in life, but he was made up of and surrounded in the most brilliant white and golden light I have ever seen, it was beautiful, but he was made up of only light, just him drenched in amazing brightness.

But the sight startled me so much that I let out a scream and dropped the plate I was holding. At that point the image of my father-in-law very rapidly changed into a brilliant bright golden orb, about the size of a beach ball and very quickly shot off from the breakfast bench through the living room and into the my master bedroom.

I heard my husband shout, “What was that light?” My husband had seen the bright orb fly through the living room and enter our bedroom. By now I had rushed into the living room and was with my husband when both the bedside lamps in the master bedroom repeatedly turned on and off several times. I was shocked beyond belief.

It was the most amazing and beautiful thing I have ever witnessed (apart from the birth of my children), although it did give me quite a shake up.

I will never forget the day my beloved father-in-law came to visit from the afterlife as he used to do when he was in his physical body.

I believe he exited so quickly because he realised my shock and did not want to scare me. May be he wanted to have one last visit and one last conversation, or simply to say good bye.

This event spurred me to take my paranormal studies to a higher level, along with my husband, we now run the Australian Paranormal Society, we can be found on facebook, and on the web at www.australianparanormalsociety.com
Or you can email us at: aps_contact@rocketmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to look at my story.

Cheers and Blessings

Amanda Wright-Tabone

Director APS







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