A spectacular evening of physical mediumship with The Yellow Cloud Circle, direct from France.

In Wallacia, SYDNEY at the foot of the Blue Mountains..

  • If you want unforgettable personal evidence that there is an afterlife...
  • If you want to show a loved one that there is more to life than the material..
  • If you want to see extraordinary transfiguration mediumship and physical phenomena...
  • If you want to be able to ask people living in the Spirit World directly questions about this life and the life to come...

    Seize this chance.

People we know have travelled all the way to France to experiences this----and many of them went back again and again.

All the sessions in Melbourne and Brisbane are booked out but there are a few seats left in Sydney....

Don't wait to book because once people experience this they will want to come back again and again and bring their friends.

What can you expect?

* trumpets, tables and other objects lit by luminous tape moving through the air in a synchronized display
* musical instruments played by spirit hands

* touches of spirit hands
* spirit breezes
* independent direct voice
* incredible transfiguration mediumship
* advice about your own mediumship development

Inge 0414 862 861

Here's what some recent visitors have claimed:

* "And after the second song, a wind rose from all around us and I smelled the sweet perfume of roses for a few seconds."

* " With the red light on I was able to see Tom’s whole body changing size and shape and his face transfiguring into representations of completely different people."

* " Kevin opened the curtain and we could see Tom getting light and
lighter it was not ectoplasm but a high light energy from spirits
who materialized; I myself could recognize my husband who crossed over 10 years ago."

* " Michael Jackson showed himself while Heal the World was played and he stood there in the midst of the cabinet and showed himself in his early 20’s with his afro hairstyle."

* " Phil Starr spoke in an amazing independent voice very clear and in a lovely voice."

* " Freddie Mercury sang the show must go on and his voice filled the room, he touched my knees and gave a gentle touch on my cheek and whispered in my ear."

* " John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was played and as I sat there I suddenly realised there was a voice singing along to the track – except this voice was coming from a place no more than 18 inches in front of me."

* " Our circle has leaped a great distance in our development since our visit to Montcabirol. I cannot emphasise enough how a trip to this haven will help in personal or circle development."

Read full testimonials here.

Kevin Lawrenson writes:

" I just know that people will leave with an experience they will never ever forget, Spirit have been planning this for months, there are many surprises ahead. We are being worked on constantly, it really is overpowering".

Where?: At Wallacia near Penrith (overnight accommodation is available at nearby motels)

When? Arrive at 6pm- or earlier

Sunday 6 February 2011-
Friday 11February 2011-
Sunday 13th February 2011
Friday 18 February 2011-
Sunday 20 February 2011-
Wednesday 2 March 2011-
Tuesday 8 March 2011-
Sunday 13 March 2011.

Cost: $85

Gift vouchers are available.
Inge 0414 862 861


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