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(1) Diana

(2) Andrew Russell - Davis ( Moderator ) tells us about Diana
(Date Posted:29/01/2006 02:43:18)

Diana states:

" To believe I am speaking through Andrew means also believing in something even more profound ... life after death and that is something I know difficult for many to believe. But this does not mean that it's not real and my purpose is by example to prove this indeed being so which will take time naturally. But something I am determined to do my bit, whatever it takes, to indeed prove for reasons that are already becoming increasingly apparent and giving me therefore enough reason to continue to play my part in this very valuable cause that will determine so much that at the moment remains an unsolved mystery! "It all began on an island in the sun in1997 !


Andrew Russell-Davis about Diana:

Obviously Diana has had a major influence in and impacton my life and continues to do so but that's not always been so. In fact in 1981, I got married myself in the April of that year so was busy preparing for this to be taking too much notice of the royal engagement and I was never a royalist so never followed stories about them. Now of course having collected a substantial amount of Diana memorabilia initially I had one book " Princess " by Robert Lacey.

Following my marriage I went and lived in my wife's country of Venezuela, South America and on July 29th 1981 saw the "Royal Wedding" by satellite and remember wishing, unusual for me, to be in the U.K. to join in the festivities of the moment but that was about it and naturally admiring the beautiful bride who really did look enchanting, the "Fairytale Princess" in flesh! Incredible now to realise that it was all show................... As told in the channelled area Diana and I came into contact in 1991, I back in the U.K. my marriage long since over, when I nearly got knocked down by her driving her car but we didn't speak but had close eye contact and what amazing eyes the lady had! I at the time consistently as I had been since 1985 getting messages of the marriage being in problems, wished I'd spoken to her about them but it obviously wasn't meant to be, not the time or the place and I myself doubting them as like other members of the public not believing there to be problems and so mystified by the channelled messages being received.

It wasn't until 1997 whilst again living abroad that Diana and I connected again but this being the amazing connection that's maintained ever since. Until 2005 Diana channelling through me privately to advise friends about their worries as my other Guide "Cheng" has done for many years, not knowing at the time that Diana had a greater purpose to channel. In 2005 I suddenly was given by Diana her story which is to be read in this forum area, the first part and thought initially what can I do with it, do I get it published ?.. but who will believe the writings of someone who has had no personal connection with her at all in life?

So I was stuck and then I was inspired to contact "Penny Thornton" who at one time was Diana's personal astrologer and being a voice -medium I channelled Diana to her and subsequently she and I met and Penny talked to me about using the internet as I really hadn't felt comfortable about publishing the book at all, so many had exploited Diana this way, I didn't wish to do so.

That's basically when the "Inspiration" from Diana came to create this, her site! It isn't mine as everything here including the wriiten precis have come inspired, I have been directed to the subjects covered in this area and the channelled messages are from Diana herself which is why now the lady channels through me publicly hence on U.S. and Australian radio to date, things like this so including the media interest, don't just happen to me a nobody ..... there's reason for everything, no such thing as coincidence in life!

I have since met a number of people who have had connections with Diana and who thankfully are respectful of the fact I am not under any delusions of grandeur or pretending to a non - existent ability to connect with her ....... though still there are of course the doubters, Vivienne Parry, Judy Wade, Irene Seward, Richard Kay but that makes for balance and changes nothing as disappointing as it has been for me and Diana who knew them in life to discover!

Channelling Diana is an experience for me that I can't put into words but I feel really humbled by it as the lady is very special but I like the fact that as Spiritually evolved as she is, she remains so human and natural so even now not standing on ceremony, that Just wasn't Diana! Diana was uniquely intuitive in life and especially where other people's emotions were concerned, she knew who genuinely needed her and was there for them and she was very smart if not academically intelligent and was a brilliant actress! Well she had the public fooled that the marriage was fine for long enough but Diana was a sophisticated professional in her role as "H.R.H. Princess Diana".

Though not liking to be called it , Diana was a manipulator and a schemer and channelling her I can say so but she had to be as the odds against her were high and she had to survive and people around her played dirty so the lady had to do the same to survive but what I love most about her is that she remained true to herself, stood up for what she believed in and wasn't frightened to open her mouth and speak out!

On radio she has recently said Paris was no accident and now it's being reported a week later that the inquiry into her death in the French capital will not be completed until 2007 and this illustrates what I mean. Diana was her own person, a law unto herself but she did have a foul temper, she was sometimesmalicious and spiteful to staff members, she did not take criticism lightly or people's advice easily but Diana was human and so not perfect and certainly not the Angel or Saint people paint her to be, not in life anyway!

Diana was a brilliant mother, a devoted and loyal one and generally adored by children and let's be honest here, kids are the first to recognise an imposter, a pretender as they have an innocence we as adults lose along the way, children are honest in expressing how they really feel about things and people often to the embarrassment of their parents but children loved Diana and warmed to her as she did to them and of course she had a very caring and naturally compassionate nature or she'd not have been drawn to support the causes she did and had such personal and direct involvement with them. Diana I think anyway was a one - off, there will not be another Diana as someone like her comes along once in a lifetime which is why their unforgettable legend lives after them! God bless Diana always. Andrew Russell - Davis ( Moderator )


The magic of "Diana" went beyond her captivating smile,
The beautiful blue eyes that could be witch and beguile.
Her compassion and grace,The world will not replace.
Ever her memory will live on through the years,
A lady who openly shared her laughter and tears.
Caring about humanity in an exceptional and deeply personal way,

About things that disturbed her, having her say.
A voice for those society rejected and judged that was loudly heard,
Bringing our attention to their plight by way of word.Adored and loved by so many worldwide,
Heaven gained an angel, the day the "Princess" died.

Andrew Russell-Davis July 1st 2005

© Copyright, Andrew Russell-Davis 2006