A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

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A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



Victor James Zammit, B.A.(Psych.) (Univ.of NSW), Grad. Dip.Ed. (Univ. Tech.Syd.), M.A. (Legal Hist.,Constl. Law)(Univ.of NSW), LL.B.(Univ.of NSW), Ph.D., lawyer, Euro-Australian, is a retired attorney (solicitor/barrister) of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia.

CAREER AS A LAWYER– Very Brief Details

Victor was a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia are a matter of governmental and lawyers’ records. Victor was first registered as a student-at-law with the Barristers Admission Board, Supreme Court registration number 65196.

Victor worked as an attorney in the Local Courts, District and Supreme Courts in Sydney.

In the State of New South Wales, most Australian States - as well as in Canada - the legal profession is "fused" which means that a lawyer can be either a solicitor or barrister both of which are known as attorneys and can practice law in all jurisdictions including the Supreme Court.

One particular significant legal matter Victor was involved in was the R v Borg case in 1979 when he, with another lawyer, were amongst the first to successfully use ‘dissociative reaction to provocation’ as a defence to murder at the District Court in Parramatta before Mr Justice Yeldham. This is a matter of public record and the case was also reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, a mainstream newspaper in the State of New South Wales, Australia.

In November 1978 'Premier' of the State of New South Wales’, Mr Neville Wran Queen’s Counsellor, - the equivalent to a State Governor in the United States - appointed Victor with exclusive powers, authority and jurisdiction to enquire into the hostage shooting of Abou-Ali who was an innocent bystander and was taken as a hostage by an armed bank robber Dragosevich. The enquiry was to find out who shot dead the innocent hostage – the police or the bank robber. This procedure was similar to a formal Enquiry Commission. It was one of the most sensational and most controversial cases ever in Australia where Dragosevich, the bank robber, was shot dead by the police. A report on the case was published by the newspaper THE SUN on page 5 Tuesday November 12th 1978 (Fairfax Press), the journalist who reported the case was tough well known Sydney journalist, Peter Charley. Another tough Sydney journalist Andrew Fowler also reported extensively about it. (see external press source confirming Victor worked as a litigation lawyer in one of the most controversial criminal cases in Australian criminal law).

In the early years Victor worked part time with a law enforcement agency - a paramilitary covert group and the police prosecution.

For a number of years Victor had his own law practice at Sydney’s Kings Cross where he was the founding president of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Victor Zammit wrote A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE (National Library of Australia Card No. and ISBN 0-9580115-0-8), which is on the internet. This book has been translated into Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch and now is in the process of being translated into German.

The same book has been translated into Russian and published in Russia. It is now being sold in Russian bookshops.

Victor also authored a book about his time as an orator on human rights at Sydney Speakers’ Corner. Called The Domain Speaker - see picture left, it contained transcripts and photos (Standard Publishing House, 1981, Sydney- (National Library of Australia Card Number ISBN 0 959 3733 0 6)

(Youtube video: Victor the orator when he was at Speakers' Corner: see below)

For the last eleven years he has sent out a weekly Friday Afterlife Report to thousands of subscribers around the world.

Victor was a student politician at the University of New South Wales, representing the Arts Faculty. It was at this time when he founded The Human Rights Group at the U.N.S.W. The Human Rights Group remained a powerful voice for human rights for many years after graduating in Arts and Law. The mainstream national newspaper Telegraph December 22nd 1980 reports that Victor organized human rights demonstrations outside the United States Consulate, in Park Street, Sydney to protest against the Ayatollah Homeini taking American hostages in Iran in 1979. It was the only Human Rights group in Australia to organize public activities supporting the American hostages. Victor organized over a hundred human rights public meetings in the period 1970-1980.

The mainstream newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald published a report ‘Iran Crisis Protest’ identifying Victor as the organizer of protest mass meeting on Thursday 20th December 1979. Other mainstream national newspaper The Telegraph also reported Victor’s pro-American Human Rights demonstrations. At that time in 1979, Victor was a member of the United Nations Association of New South Wales - Human Rights committee member.

On three occasions within six months Victor debated the brilliant lawyer former Attorney- General and former State Leader of the Liberal Party, His Hon. John Dowd A.O., Q.C., (later a Supreme Court Judge see picture below
left- now University Chancellor at Southern Cross University the debate on the Bill of Rights for Australia. (Picture top left shows his Hon. John Dowd speaking, Victor, right of picture.) Previously, the Honorable John Dowd was also the Leader of the conservative political Liberal Party (NSW -1981-83) and later Attorney General (1988-91).

The first debate was held at the University of New South Wales in 1989; the second debate at Humanist House Sydney and at the third debate at the Wayside Theatre, Kings Cross. Victor was a student politician at the University of New South Wales Students' Union - and was elected as Talks & Symposium Officer there. He organized and chaired meetings for five Australian Prime Ministers- John Howard, Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Frazer, Bob Hawke and William McMahon - as well as for senior and other ministers such as Premier Neville Wran and other VIPs. These VIPs were invited to include human rights issues in Australia.

SPEAKERS' CORNER: Mostly during his student days, Victor for some eight years was also in big demand as an orator at Sydney's Domain Speakers' Corner and London's Hyde Park Speakers Corner.
Youtube video
: See Victor the orator when he was at Speakers' Corner at Sydney and Hyde Park, London - put on large screen on your computer and put sound on for background music.
: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-hqipsKF1Y


The record shows that Victor did (and still does) volunteer work in legal aid and legal referral. For over a decade 1970-1980 on Sundays Victor volunteered his professional services as meetings co-ordinator and chairperson at the 'Wayside Theatre' at Potts Point, Sydney. It was basically a venue for grassroots political and social justice activity. He worked closely with the legendary spiritually radical, charismatic leader, the Rev. Ted Noffs, and was influenced by his teaching of universal consciousness and respect for all religions and non religionists. He was attracted by the philosophy of the Wayside Chapel - “I am a Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Buddhist, a Hindu ... I am part of all religions past, present and future, because I am a human being and nothing is alien to me ...” Further, the emphasis at the Wayside was on social justice, in doing for the good of humanity and not on beliefs.

Victor was initially suspicious of the New Age Movement for what appeared to be its blatant commercial exploitation of people’s basic instinctual tendency for spiritual development. However after many years as an open-minded skeptic he had a number of repeated psychic/mediumistic experiences which set him questioning, reading and researching. After only three months, the Inner Peace Movement were able to help Victor become clairaudient and telepathic.

Adopting a scientific criterion, Victor was able to select that information which could withstand and pass the many rigid tests of repeatability and objectivity.

Victor is now a full time writer and researcher on empirical evidence for the afterlife. His book is being accessed by thousands of people from around the world including all the English speaking countries and Russia, Africa, Asian countries, South Americas, European countries. On his website Victor keeps readers abreast of emerging evidence and links with others active in investigating the afterlife.

Since 2001 Victor has put on his website one million dollars challenge to anyone in the world who could show that the afterlife evidence is not valid. Eleven years later, no genius scientist, no genius physicist, no biologist, no psychologist, no empiricist, no skeptical debunker - no one has been able to specifically show where, when, how and why the afterlife evidence is not or cannot be valid.

As a journalist/writer Since 2002 Victor has had a regular half page column in the newspaper Psychic World and is its Australian representative: Psychic World Publishing Co. Ltd. P.O. Box 14, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 OUF. England.

Victor was interviewed by Francis Wilkins, journalist, about his empirical afterlife research for the ultra conservative Australian lawyers’ journal LAWYERS’ WEEKLY (N.S.W) 27th April 2001.