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'I accept the psychics’ role in helping with murder cases – and I will call them again – because they get results…I am now a great believer in psychics helping the police'. Sheriff Bill Hasenaurer from Oneida Country Sheriff’s Office - on the East Coast U.S validating the psychic and mediumship gifts of gifted forensic psychic Phil Jordan.

“Noreen Renier helped to locate a plane containing the body of a relative of an FBI agent." Robert Ressler (Ex-FBI) (see Noreen’s site: )

“If it wasn’t for Nancy Weber, in this case we would not have gotten the (kidnapped) children back … her insight, her help … we could not have done it without her.”
- Detective Lou Masterbone from Morris County Sheriff’s office.

Psychic Detectives and Psychic Investigations are television series about psychics and mediums who assist the police in solving crimes, usually very serious crimes like murder, abductions and missing persons.

I am choosing to add a discussion on ‘Psychic Detectives’ and Psychic Investigations because police officers are highly credible witnesses when it comes to confirming a forensic psychic’s or a medium’s gift. Repeatedly, senior police officers are confirming that psychics and mediums are providing valuable relevant physical evidence. In one of the cases listed below for example the case went cold, the police ran out of leads. A psychic was called and she not only told them where to find the missing body, she informed the police WHO murdered the victim.

When watching PSYCHIC DETECTIVES there were times when the psychic-medium states that she/he is in contact with the etheric spirit of the victim who is giving the psychic the information about the crime. So, when a psychic-medium gives deadly accurate information about some crime, we have to accept that the psychic medium is making contact with those victims in the afterlife.

Whereas a 'psychic' gathers information from psychometry and “sensing” things about the victim many of the psychics involved in police work are also 'mediums', that is, someone in direct contact with a 'spirit person' in the afterlife dimension. Many of these mediums claim to be told information about the crime directly by the victim.

The skeptic cannot raise the common objection that these psychics are ‘cold-reading’, that is obtaining information from the police from their body language etc. because the police don’t have the knowledge.

True, only some very special and gifted 'Forensic Psychics' and mediums have the ability to produce the information needed. When the producers were preparing for the television series ‘Sensing Murder’ in Australia they asked 100 psychics who claimed to be able to solve crimes to look at a photo of a crime victim in a solved murder case. They were asked to give the name of the victim, the details of the crime and the name of the murderer. Five out of one hundred were correct. In New Zealand and in other countries the percentage was almost the same.

What follows are what some senior, highly experienced tough police officers themselves have publicly said about these few highly gifted 'psychics' and 'mediums' who helped them to produce the evidence to close police files and cold cases. All of them were initially skeptical but admit they changed their minds as a result of the information that was provided.

I asked a number of materialists, skeptics, and reductionist-scientists whether all these police officers who had nothing to gain and everything to lose by speaking publicly about their use of psychics were lying. Are these police misleading the public about the psychics and mediums? Are all these officers from New York to California being fraudulent? There has been absolute silence by the skeptics on this point. The dummy skeptics go into complete denial.

What follows was taken randomly from television documentaries including the very successfull PSYCHIC DETECTIVES and PSYCHIC INVESTIGATIONS - Cineflix Productions - on cable and mainstream television. The police are quoted IN THEIR OWN WORDS saying how the psychics and the mediums gave them critical physical evidence (e.g. where to find the missing body - and occasionally who killed the victim) to close the cases.

1. BRILLIANT PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: Again gifted ‘psychic detective’ Phil Jordan was sought by the State Police from Oneida on the East Coast U.S. After a long time of using conventional police methods police had no leads at all to the quadruple brutal murders: four innocent people were found tied feet and hand and mouth taped, all were shot in the head. Gifted psychic Phil Jordan gave the police critical information – some ten most relevant facts – which led to the arrest and conviction of three murderers now serving 100 years in prison each. Kurt Hameline, Assistant D.A. of Oneida County stated words to the effect that using psychic was critical to catch the murderers. Sheriff Bill Hasenaurer of Oneida Country Sheriff’s Office, stated yes, 'I accept the psychics' role in helping with murder cases – and I will call them again – because they get results, “I am now a great believer” in psychics helping the police'. Sgt. Lynton Clark of Oneida Sheriff’s Office completely agreed about the use of psychics in solving murders.

2. Virginia’s Staunton Police in 1979– five females were brutally raped – something which terrorized the women of Staunton. The police had no clues at all and the public was furious that the police were not able to catch the violent rapist. There was a serious crisis in public confidence … In desperation the police called gifted psychic Noreen Renier – where she was able to supply them with physical evidence to convict the rapist – by identifying him where he lived, how his crimes were committed, how he entered the girls’ rooms, that he limped, that he wore a uniform and that he had a scare near his knee. On that information, the police caught the rapist. Deputy Police Ronnie Whisman said about psychic Noreen Renier, “We (the police) were impressed by the psychic on the important information she was able to give us … everything she said about the case came true.” Special agent Darrel Stilwell said, “ .. obviously she has power … (Noreen’s psychic skills) gives you a little extra something to work for.” At one stage, the Police Deputy Ronnie Whisman asked the psychic “when will the rapist be caught?” The psychic replied, “Before Christmas.” The rapist was caught on the 22nd December 1979. (by Cineflix Productions 2007)
See more brilliant testimonials:

3. Monroeville police GIFTED PSYCHIC DETECTIVE CASE - BY PSYCHIC NANCY MYER, (pictured below) " The elderly man had been missing for weeks. Neither the local nor state police had any clues.Search dogs and helicopters turned up nothing. And the grieving family was demanding answers. Monroeville police detective Will Greenaway couldn't figure out what happened to Sylvester Tonet". So, the family of the missing man Sylvester Tonet suggested to the police officer Will Greenway to bring in a gifted missing persons psychic. Enter psychic/medium Nancy Myer. This gifted psychic gave information to police officer Will Greenaway that made it possible for the Monroeville Police to find the missing man:- Plainclothes police officer Will Greeway said, "I was skeptical at first, but as Nancy began to forward information about the case, I knew I was dealing with a genuine psychic because all information was deadly accurate. Nancy Myer drew a map – showing roads, pond, the rail line, forest, ravine". The psychic with the police went physically in the area – and found the frozen body in the snow exactly where Nancy Myer told them where they would find it. Well done Nancy Myer!!

4. DETECTIVE Fabian Pachero of theTuscon Police, Detective Landon Rankin of Pinal Sherrif’s office and Tempe Police. Psychic: Mary Ann Morgan. Case: Loretta Bowerwstock. Loretta went missing. Police had no clues where the body was …gifted psychic Mary Anne called to assist. After the case was closed, Detective Fabian Pachero of the Tuscon Police said about the gifted psychic Mary Ann Morgan, “After being involved in this case, I can say I’m definitely less skeptical of employing the services of a psychic …” Detective Landon Rankin of Pinal Sheriff’s Office said about the gifted psychic Mary Ann, “I’ve never used a psychic before until this case. The information she gave us was pin point accuracy … a psychic gives us insights that we don’t have.”

5. Mt Pleasant Police Department (Iowa) Police Chief August Hagers said of psychic Phil Jordan (picture of cover of his book, left) after the case was completed, “Psychics have their place … what Phil (the psychic) had seen was accurate … they (psychics) have something we don’t have … they have a sixth sense I would do it again and call psychic Phil Jordan.” This had to do with the brutal killing of Clementine Beavers and sixteen year old daughter. The case had gone completely cold until the psychic was called in to assist.

6. Philadelphia Police Dept. BRILLIANT MEDIUM PSYCHIC-DETECTIVE:Her name is Valerie Morrison. She was contacted by Detetcive Frank Martin of Philadelphia Police Dept. His case went cold: a Shilie Turner, 21 year old Olympic hopeful female athlete failed to return home one night. Det Martin and Det Jim Dougherty had no more clues – so Det Martin was able to contact gifted psychic Valerie Morrison – a recommendation from the FBI. Police initially thought that the missing person ran away with a boyfriend – like most missing young females in the area. But psychic said no, she was murdered. The psychic also took on the feelings of the missing victim and stated there was enormous fear, in darkness, in tree-growth, shoes and jacket missing, buried in shallow grave, near religious fountain/statute, trauma to the head, attacker knew the victim. Psychic in trance asked the mother, “where did you put me”. The mother screamed with panic. It was enough for the police to focus on that. Very soon afterwards the mother confessed she shot Shilie in the head. She was found guilty of murder and is doing time 15 years. Detective Martin said, “All the information given to us by the psychic was ONE HUNDRED PER CENT!.” Well done Valerie Morrison, absolutely brilliant! (from the television series PSYCHIC DETECTIVES)

Detective Lou Masterbone from Morris County Sheriff’s office stated: “If it wasn’t for Nancy Weber (psychic, pictured, left), in this case we would not have gotten the (kidnapped) children back … her insight, her help … we could not have done it without her.” This was a case where Debbie Keyes’ (from Harding N.J.) husband took the family’s three children away and left his wife Debbie on her own. The police came to a dead end. Debbie heard over the radio about a gifted psychic Nancy Weber and called her. Nancy first told her that the specific information where her husband had taken the children – to Euless, Texas. When police checked it out they found that the children had been there but had been removed from days earlier. But the psychic came up with a new address in Ramona, CA. From there the police actually spoke to a neighbor who told them that once again the children had just left – but gave them an address in Hawaii where the children had been taken. Debbie Keys- had not seen her children for thirteen months but Nancy Weber, the gifted psychic told her that one of her daughters had been attacked by a dog and was left with a scar on her face, but that she would be reunited with them soon. That’s exactly what happened – Debbie Keyes was reunited with her children – her daughter had a scar on her mouth caused by a dog! This was from an episode of PSYCHIC DETECTIVES by Court TV by Robyn Hutt. Note well: every PSYCHIC DETECTIVE television show, we get tough police officers stating words to the effect that without the help of the gifted psychic, the crime would not have been solved. Thank you Nancy Weber for your brilliant work in solving this case. Check out the police testimonials on Nancy's website.

8. FORENSIC PSCYHICS - see 'SENSING MURDER' : The television show Sensing Murder recently in New Zealand caused a sensation when the most brilliant forensic psychic- mediums participated in the television show 'SENSING MURDER'. Brilliant forensic medium Deb Webber and Kelvin Qruickshank each independently were able to give some 43 correct variables, accurately describing a murder, WHERE the killing took place, HOW the murder took place, WHY the murder took place and WHO murdered the victim - naming the murderers .. Read more ...

9. Place: Lake Illawarra Local Area Police Command – Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia.
Police Officer: Det. Sen. Const. Geoffrey Little from.
Case: disappearance of Maria Scott.
Forensic gifted psychic: Debbie Malone.
Det. Sen. Const. Little says: “I’m still a sceptic but I just can’t explain some of the things psychic Debbie Malone came up with that were just incredible. I was astounded honestly as was the police woman who was with me. We were just amazed. I even sent some paperwork off to our Missing Persons Unit later to introduce Debbie to them (as a result of her hit rate). I think she is doing something with them now. (Note: This is correct Deb is working on another missing persons’ case with NSW cops right now). …. . It can give you avenues of investigation that you didn’t have. But then you have to get solid evidence to confirm what they’ve found. You can’t use what they say. They can maybe help you find a body. They can maybe give you something that you didn’t have before – something out of the blue. I said to other officers, I can’t explain how she picked up what she did.”
Source: Detective Senior Constable Little, Lake Illawara Local Area Police Command, NSW. Australia.
Read full most interesting report

10. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES:Phil Jordan, psychic. Elmira, New York, Lt Mucci & Detectove David Olszowy ... I was having a break and decided to watch one of the episodes which involved a matter in Elmira, New York. Detective David Olszowy, Sergeant Charles Patterson, Lt. Mike Mucci from Cheming County Sheriff’s department were involved in the investigation of a murder. Rose Swartwood, an elderly person was murdered in her home. Police had no leads, the case was virtually cold. Lieutenant Mike Mucci calls Phil Jordan, psychic (his book on left top) who was a former police officer.It was this Phil Jordan who gave them the leads to resuscitate the case and according to the police officers, every lead given by the psychic Jordan, was deadly accurate. He told them there were two suspects – he could visually seem them: one Afro-American, one Caucasian. One had tattoo on his arm, the tattoo had a female name on it. He eventually was able to accurately identify the two suspects from a number of photographs.Lt Mucci stated that the psychic was “one hundred per cent correct with the information given” – other police officers also sated that the psychic was brilliant: “I don’t know how it (psychic skill) works and I don’t care how it works – the main thing is that the bad guy gets caught. Without the psychic, the case would have probably gone cold – permanently."

Etta Smith gave to the police was deadly accurate and told them where to find the body of a missing nurse. The highly incompetent, negligent and unprofessional Los Angeles P.D. detective Lee Ryan (VAN NUYS COMMUNITY Police Station 6420- Sylmar- Pacoima Police were involved too) in December 1980 charged her with murder! This is where professionally untrained and closed minded skeptical police make stupid blunders which caused the police department he worked for thousands of dollars paid in damages to the psychic. Etta Smith is a quiet and shy psychic who related vital information as a psychic to police LAPD detective Lee Ryan. She never asked for money for her services. But the initial, reasonable detective Patrick Conmay said he was moved off the case and more skeptical, mostly uninformed and unprofessional police detective Lee Ryan took it over. This incompetent detective, raised his voice - even threw a chair around in anger, terrorising the shy psycshic during the interview with the psychic.

Senior police detective Patrick Conway said about Etta Smith, "Had it not been for Etta Smith this case would not have been solved as rapidly or possibly not at all."

Read more about this very important Psychic Detective case of professional incompetence and negligence by an LAPD detective Read more ..

12. Belvedire, Warren County, New Jersey. BRILLIANT ‘PSYCHIC DETECTIVES’ : One of the very best psychic insights because Nancy Weber actually showed why the initial police evidence was wrong. On the Biography Channel - brilliant gifted psychic, Nancy Weber, proved that the police polygraph testing by police expert J Lewis in a murder case in Belvedire, Warren County, New Jersey was all wrong. Also, Nancy Weber told the police they were wrong about the time of the death of the victim. Capt. Detective David Heater of Warren County Prosecutor's office stated, “Nancy was probably one of the driving forces which kept me going back to Reese ... I was willing to give him up but she was very insistent ... whether you want to call it spiritual matter ... whatever it is the psychic sees you got to be able to believe in it ... there is science ... it may be supernational. I don't know how to explain what a psychic does ... how they do it ... all I know it works." Nancy Weber supplied critical physical evidence - information which helped the police solve the crime. The police formally acknowledged that her assistance was critical. Detective Tom Trainor and Captain David Heater state in the program that they could not solve the murder of a 42 year old Elizabeth Cornish, a nurse who was brutally killed with a sharp instrument. The report stated that over a hundred police were involved, but the case went cold. The closest the police came to solving the crime was to suspect the victim’s boyfriend. “WRONG!” said gifted psychic Nancy Weber, “he’s innocent”. The actual suspect, she said, “has reddish brown hair, is 5’10” tall, has a scar in his right side of his face, has a beard, his first name is John and his surname was one syllable starting with “R” (later confirmed to be ‘Reece’), he wore a “Western” type buckle on his belt and he resided in the flat above the murdered victim. The murder weapon, a hammer, the suspect threw it in the water nearby". All this physical evidence was subsequently found to be one hundred per cent correct. The police had initially brought John Reese to do a polygraph test which was administered by a police expert with 23 years experience. But the polygraph CLEARED the suspect! At this point the police wanted to concentrate on the victim’s boyfriend but the psychic said ‘stay with the tenant John Reese.’ The breakthrough came after the autopsy report showed that John Reece’s alibi did not cover the actual time of death. After heavy questioning, John Rees confessed, was charged, convicted and is now serving a lifetime in jail. In this case, if it were not for the psychic the crime would not have been solved. Both Capt. Heater and Detective Tom Trainor stated words to that effect. Very well done gifted psychic Nancy Weber!

13. POLICE INVITE PSYCHICS TO ASSIST IN SOLVING CRIME.: Police sergeant Richard Keaton of Marin County Police Department homicide division with 30 years of experience stated on a 1998 program prepared by Discovery Communications for the Science of the Impossible” series, “I call in a psychic to investigate (the crime with us). I don’t know how she (the psychic Annette Martin pictured -working with the police since 1971) actually obtains the information. I don’t ask too many questions because I have seen too many successes (using psychics) … ” He continues, “When Annette comes to the (Police) Department we normally sit in a quiet office. I give her a brief outline of what the case is about. Annette concentrates … goes into meditation … and starts sharing verbally with us the things she’s seeing or perceiving … we take her to the crime scene … and would ask her what she can see … about evidence … and she’s able to replay that like a video tape like a movie …” Sergeant Richard Keaton further stated, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful in the future to see a team of psychic cops working with us from the inception of the crime … and maybe shorten down the time element in the apprehension of criminals … that would be wonderful.” According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle the 30 year partnership of the police officer (now retired) and the psychic has led to them setting up in 2001, the Campbell agency Closure4U Investigations, which opened in 2001 and is currently working on finding missing persons and solving cold cases from around the country. Read more… also you can access Annette on

14. : In New Haven Police, Conneticut, Detective George Mazzacane called in gifted psychic Pascarella Downey after all clues about the brutal murder of 21 year old Penny Serra on July 16th 1973 run dry. Mostly, psychics do not solve crime, police do. But sometimes if critical information (from the psychic) is not given to the police, the crime would not be solved. This psychic told police she could tune into the vibrations of the murder. She told the police that the murderer smelled of oil, was a mechanic, was wearing some kind of uniform at the time of the murder, had a name tag on his uniform starting with the letter “E”, was suffering from a pain in the head at the time. She predicted that the murderer would not be caught for many years but ultimately “blood will tell”. 26 years later the murderer, named Edward was caught using fingerprint matching and DNA testing of blood at the crime scene. He had been a mechanic at the time of the murder and had been visiting a nearby hospital for treatment of head pain. He was tried and found guilty and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment. ALL of the clues given to the police were 100 per cent accurate. Well done gifted psychic Pascarella Downey!

15. PSYCHIC INVESTIGATORS WORK WITH THE POLICEAlexis Burke’s case. Psychic called: Laurie McQuary: In March 1986 the Portland, Oregon police received a call from John Burke three days after his 21-year-old wife, Alexis, had supposedly fled their home in a wealthy suburb in the family car. Detective Robert Lee wasn't certain what kind of case he was investigating - missing person or murder. Then, frustrated by the progress of the investigation, Alexis' mother consulted psychic Laurie McQuary. When the detective's case ran cold, he met Laurie and she shared her visions - John strangled Alexis; many people knew what happened and were not talking; water was important; there was an old car involved, and John's younger brother Kelly was implicated. Intrigued by Laurie McQuary's theories, Detective Lee investigated the clues. After a year, he got a confession. All of Laurie's "predictions" proved to be accurate. The case was closed. Laurie’s home page.

16. POLICE IN SPENCER, NEW YORK CALL IN GIFTED PSYCHIC PHIL JORDAN FOR ASSISTANCE! Five year old Tommy Kennedy disappears. Parents frantic. Over 100 voluntary searchers fail to locate Tommy. No clues left. Situation, desperate and hopeless. Detective Dave Redsicker from Tioga County Sherrif Department calls in a gifted psychic because he knows time is of the essence to locate the missing five year old boy, Tommy Kennedy. Brilliant gifted psychic Phil Jordan is called by the police to locate the boy. Although psychic Phil Jordan had never been in the woods where the lost boy was believed to be missing, this gifted psychic draws a most vital map. This map showed among other things: near a lake; three boats beside the lake; a building across from the boats; a waterfall; a field; a young boy under a tree. The chief of the local volunteers Richard Clark said he was stunned at the accuracy of the map and the leads. Detective Dave Redsicker said it was his first case working with a psychic. The leaders of the search, the police and the Tigoa County Search & Rescue gave unqualified credit to Phil Jordan for finding the missing boy. So much so that the Tioga County Sheriff had him sworn in as a Deputy to assist in other cases. Well done Phil Jordan for responding to the police call for help to solve a mystery. The boy’s parents? Hugely grateful for Phil Jordan’s psychic gifts. Why do debunkers scream with contempt at these documentaries? Because the results of the gifted psychics make these skeptical debunkers- who scream fraud everytime a gifted psychic is deadly accurate - look absolutely silly, totally insignificant and absolutely irrelevant. The case has been documented in three books - Phil Jordan I Knew This Day Would Come: A Personal Journey to Psychic Awareness (Jordan 1999, 58 64). Jenny Randles and Peter Hough Psychic Detectives (2001, 86-88) - see Phil Jordan’s webpage

17. PSYCHIC INVESTIGATORS ASSIST POLICE SOLVE CRIME. Detective Wanner, Cumru Township Police in Pennsylvanian first consulted Dr Lauren Thibodeau about an unrelated case and she told him that soon he would be working on an old, unsolved crime. Six months later Detective Wanner was given the file on an unnamed woman who had been strangled, tied up in a blanket and dumped over an embankment in the small community of Cumru Township, Pennsylvania in December 1984. Dr Thibodeau had visions of lines of light across a map from New York to Chicago, a truck driver and the Brooklyn Bridge; murderer was a smoker, wore thick flannel shirt; there was sexual violence; the incident occurred near the Great Lakes; truck door was white. Spurred on by the psychic's accurate information, Detective Wanner was able to identify the victim and make contact with the victim’s family. Detective Wanner was able to arrested the murderer. He said, that the psychic assistance was critical to solving the case. Well done gifted psychic Dr Lauren Thibodeau!

18. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: Lompoc Police Department – near Santa Barbara (U.S.), engaged the services of brilliant psychic Dixie Yeterian to solve a murder mystery of ‘Owen E’. Dixie has a record of assisting other police departments and the FBI. Detective Mel Ramos (Ret.) of Lompoc Police Department stated, “In reality Dixie Yeterian solved the case with her psychic abililty.” He added but for her psychic skills the murder would not have been solved because the police came to an absolute dead end, they had no more clued to follow - the case went cold. Then the gifted forensic psychic Dixie Yeterian stated that, “ … the body would be found some 15 miles away from the murdered home; there are farms in the are; a steep hill; cattle; gravel road.” She saw “ …a rifle being taken away from the wall”. She heard a gunshot; felt pressure on left side of the brain. He “… was buried in a shallow grave.” She gave them more information but the final piece of critical information the psychic told the police was that the murdered own son killed his father. Police picked up the son and after telling him what the psychic told them, he confessed. He was convicted of murder. Detective Ramos stated that the psychic accurately described what happened to the murdered father – as told to them later by the son. Brilliant psychic work Dixie!

19. Psychic incidents were confirmed by the Midwest City Police Department, Oklahoma City Police Department and County Sheriff’s Office by Detective Paul Zeckman, Detective Dan Evans, Police Officer Patrick Quigley, Diedre Esherman, Assistant District Attorney, Detective Pam Garrick. Two incidents: a) Jamie, a 22 year old African American was kidnapped and killed by ‘three thugs’ – body dumped. Psychics Nita Lee and Dr Sally Headding (pictured left below Nita Lee) worked independently but were able to relate critical information to the police to make arrests which led to convictions of the kidnappers and the criminal who organized the murder. These gifted psychics confirmed that the there were three men on contract to kill the victim; that the victim was ‘dead’; the dead victim was NE of the city near the State line; was near a train track; there was a sign ‘Cattle’ and another sign ‘HURFORDS’; he was wrapped in a blue blanket near a tin building; that he would be found by two deer hunters (as he was in November 1994); that the planners of the murder would be eventually caught. The second incident concerns gifted psychic J.McGee – ‘victim made a meal for another who killed him’; murderer fled towards Ocean City then to a Beachside area and other leads. Det. Paul Zeckman stated among other things stated, “I don’t know how these psychics do it. But they perform a service we cannot ignore. One day psychic witnesses testimony will be admitted as evidence. In the past DNA and polygraphs were not admitted in evidence, so it will be only a matter of time before psychic evidence will be admitted because of the critical information they give us to solve murders.” I do keep the videos of these PSYCHIC DETECTIVES for the purpose of the record.

20. (1) Nancy Myer psychic. Delaware, Wilmington Police Department had no more leads in its attempts to capture serial rapist. Detective Ingrham under the supervision of Capt. Nathaniel McQueen sought the services of a gifted psychic Nancy Myer. Nancy was able to give the police information to capture, arrest and get the criminal to confess to the crimes he committed. The criminal was a serial rapist. The gifted psychic Nancy led the police where the criminal actually lived. She pointed to the actually building. There she said – I see him in my mind – coming and going. Nancy was not paid any money for her psychic service. Col. Irvin Smith of Wilmington Police Department stated for the camera for all the world to watch and hear, “Nancy Myer made an outstanding contribution to law enforcement.” Special thanks also went to Capt. Nathaniel McQueen, Lt. Joseph Aviola Jr., DE Stat Police, Troop 2. The police want results in their investigations. Gifted psychics are making a huge contribution in this regard. Well done Nancy Myer! Very well done!

21. WILLISTON POLICE DEPARTMENT, FLORIDA. Senior Detective Slauter and Sergeant Baxter called in psychic Noreen Renier when the case they were investigating - the disappearance of Norman Lewis went cold - had no more leads to follow. Only when Noreen Renier supplied them with physical evidence - where to find the body - describing the immediate environment, did the police find the body. Senior detective Slauter said, "Noreen Reiner - the psychic gave us everything we needed to find Mr Lewis ... and I am convinced that if we didn't use a psychic in this case, Mr Lewis would still be at the bottome of that quarry ...".

CASE: Jimmy Voll - missing.
Forensic psychic: Sue Walker (professional clairvyoant, medical intuitive. Workd with law enforcement agencies before including local, FBI and some CIA work).
POLICE: Deputy Bill Bartleson, Madison Co. Sheriff
POLICE Chief: Gary Hulse - De Soto Police Department.
Some of the information by the Forensic Psychic: (case had gone completely cold when psychic was called to assist): all clues given by the psychic were confirmed:
- person is confused and lost ...
- he feels fearful and confused
- I see some kind of 'fortress'? something like that ...
- see sign - soldier and 'dragoon' ..
- must head South West ... (bush area is 70 hectares) but focussed on just one small area ... where police found the missing person's auto.
- must go off road ...
- he's no longer alive now ...
- there's metal ... cabin ... (missing person was eventually found in a metal cabin) in the area identified by the psychic
- I see someone wearing a bright orange vest .... ( later a hunter wearing a bright orange vest led the police where the metal cabin was)
Deputy Bill Bartleson: "Jimmy was found in a metal cabin ... as the psychic described it ... found by a shooter in that area with an orange vest ... I was very impressed reviewing it later ... there were so many things she was on ... it was eeirie to me. I think this could be a powerful tool for law enforcement cases where everything else has failed ..."
POLICE CHIEF Gary Hulse: " ...I got to thinking back .. psychic Sue was right ..."


23. Assistant District Attorney of Jefferson Parish Office, W.J. Le Blanc could not resolve a crime concerning the brutal murder of Janet Myers. Two suspects blamed each other – the case resulted in a hung jury. But determined D.A. Le Blanc called in a Forensic psychic Rosemary Kerr (pictured, left) who had an excellent reputation as a psychic to help solve police cases. The psychic told the police how the murder happened. But also the psychic said there were TWO murderers. On that information the police retried and scored a conviction of the two suspects. District Attorney Le Blanc said, “Rosemary’s contribution to this case was significant …I relied on the psychic Rosemary for details …There are clearly individuals in this world who have an ability that are beyond our normal five senses. Rosemary (the psychic) is such a person.”

24. Virginia’s Staunton Police in 1979– Noreen Renier psychic - five females were brutally raped – something which terrorized the women of Staunton. The police had no clues at all and the public was furious that the police were not able to catch the violent rapist. There was a crisis in the lack of public confidence in the police… In desperation the police called gifted psychic Noreen Renier – where she was able to supply them with physical evidence to convict the rapist – by identifying him where he lived, how he did his crimes, how he entered the girls’ room, that he limped, that he wore a uniform and that he had a scare near his knee. On that information, the police caught the rapist. Deputy Police Ronnie Whisman said about psychic Noreen Renier, “We (the police) were impressed by the psychic on the important information she was able to give us … everything she said about the case came true.” Special agent Darrel Stilwell said, “ .. obviously she has (psychic) power … gives you extra something to work with.” The Police Deputy Ronnie Whisman asked the psychic “when will the rapist be caught?” The psychic replied, “Before Christmas.” The rapist was caught on the 22nd December 1979.

25. Zachary Police Department in Baton Rouge :
the Police v Derrick Tod Lee serial rapist case.
Forensic psychic: JEANNE BORGEN.
Six women were brutally raped and killed.
Some of the forensic psychic's observations (were all confirmed by the police):
- police have the wrong suspect
- the suspect is not white, he's black
- he is a peeping tom
- has been a peeping tom since he was very young
- there is a witness ... find that witness (witness eventually found and led them to the suspect)
- describes suspect ... (description perfectly matches the witness' description of suspect).
POLICE COMMENT: Lieutenant David McDavid stated, (Regarding gifted psychic JEANNE BORGEN) “I’ve never dealt with psychics on a day-to-day basis …My feelings are that if the good Lord gives you that (psychic) power, use it to assist law enforcements in very way.”
Police Forensic expert and consultant Ann Williams said, “Without psychic Jeanne Borgan, we would have been chasing our tails. I wouldn’t have known he was a black man … I wouldn’t have found our witnesses.”

26. BELPRE POLICE DEPARTMENT, OHIO. GEORGIA RUDOLPH psychic. The Mcready Case. Jennifer Mcready was found buried brutally murdered by a gunshot to the head. Police had no more leads. Detective Sergeant Dave Garvey called gifted medium GEORGIA RUDOLPH. The psychic told Detective Garvey that the missing person was dead, she told him WHO killed the victim and WHERE they could find the body– brilliant physical evidence the police did not have. Kevin Rings, Assistant District Attorney said, “Without Jennifer’s body being found we wouldn’t have been able to file a charge against Mr McReady … It would simply be an unsolved missing person case.” Detective Dave Garvey said, “Georgia’s guidelines and thoughts whatever you want to say … led us to first find Jennifer … we were able to get the bad guy who is now in jail … and the family feels better.” Monica Tanner, a former employee of the Belpre Police Department said, “Georgia made a world of difference. She solved the case.” (Till Death Do Us Part episode).

27. DES PLAINES POLICE DEPT- CAROL BROMAN psychic. The Robert Piest case - the most brutal case in U.S. history – the murders of 27 young boys killed by John Wayne Gacy. Thanks to psychic, CAROL BROMAN (experienced working with the police), many bodies were found buried under the suspect’s house. Lt. Joe Kozenczak said: “The amazing thing is that the police didn’t know about these all murders … she (the psychic) told us. I became a believer in psychics.” Psychic Dorothy Allison from New Jersey also was able to assist in this case directing the police in Chicago – from New Jersey – where there were able to find the dead body of one of the victims, Robert Piest.

Case 28: Detective Louis Pia NYPD (Ret.) and Detective Phil Tricolla NYPD 49th Precinct: Gifted psychic: Ellie Crystal. 22 year old Kim Antonakos- kidnapped, murdered.Detective Louis Pia said about the gifted psychic, “One of the things I got from Ellie (the psychic) when I was present during the interview with her … it was most astonishing when she said the letter ‘J’ would be important in solving the case – the four convicted of her crime – all their first names started with the letter ‘J’.” Detective Phil Tricolla said, “I think these psychics are good at what they do … they have that extra sense … it’s a kinda like an enhanced god feeling …”. (1995).

Case 29: The Louise Williams case in Berlin, Maryland in1991. Detective Sergeant Bill Gordy, Maryland State Police and Maryland Trooper Paul Frick. Gifted psychic is Deborah Heinecker, also a computer programmer. Case went virtually cold - initially skeptical, police did not follow the physical evidence related to by the gifted psychic. Police thought the missing person Louise Williams had ran away with some guy. But the gifted psychic said her son-in-law Billy killed her. The psychic provided the relevant physical evidence for the police to solve the crime. Detective Sergeant Bill Gordy said, “I personally believe the psychic played a pivotal role in this case. I’d like to think we could have done it without her, however, that’s not the case. Her predictions were the key which led the accused to confess". Maryland Police Trooper Paul Frick (known for his strong skepticism about psychics BEFORE the case) said, “So if someone to-day asked me what I think of psychics, I have to say I have changed my views completely and I’d listen to a psychic.”

Case 30. Psychic Detectives' ‘Bad Business’ episode,. Oklahoma City Police Department. Gifted psychic Sally Hadding. Detective Larry Beaver, Mid-West Police Dept. Sally Hadding psychic. Lawrence Mbroh went missing. Sally Hadding informed police the missing person is dead, brutally beaten- and where to find the body – and other information given about the case which led to the apprehending of the suspects. Detective Larry Beaver stated about gifted psychic Sally Hadding, “If the opportunity presented itself again for me to work with a psychic I’d be very open to that and would enjoy the opportunity to see another psychic or even work with Sally Hadding to get a feel for really and truly how they work. I was very amazed working with Sally … I truly believe there are people in the world who do have abilities beyond the normal person. Sally to me is a real person with a real gift.”

31. Kittery Main, fishing village, near Boston U.S., Deputy Chief Main Marine Patrol. Helen Legotti psychic. In 2008, boat-captain Chris Toby drowns in heavy ocean seas when returning from fishing. When all searches for the missing person could not find the drowned captain, Deputy Chief Main Marine Patrol (now retired) contacts gifted medium Helen Legotti. She drew a chart and tells Sgt La Flamme of the Marine Patrol exactly where to find the body. She also tells him if the search is made in the area, the body will be found within 2 days – giving lots of specific clues where to find the body. After 15 minutes underwater at 60-80 feet, the body was recovered on the second day. Deputy Chief John Bennett of Main Marine Patrol congratulating gifted psychic Helen Legotti (nee Churchwell), “I think when you imagine the enormity of the ocean and all the variables that can happen when someone drowns … just to be able to find that person it’s a big, big deal … it really is. I used psychics before … (and will use them again)…” Karen Dandurant, reporter for the Portsmith Herald stated, “I’m kind of in awe being a skeptical reporter … It’s a kind of a miracle the psychic just found him … She’s never been anywhere near the Isle of Scholes …”

32. Place: Bethseda Maryland, Washington
Case about: missing case initially - brutal killing of young female Harvard graduate
Psychic: Deborah Heinecker
Some of the vidence produced: very masculine but looks female, male energy, jealous of Laura, Laura not alive, grave close to suspect’s camp, shallow grave, murky soil, face exposed - all confirmed.
Police comment on psychic: Detective Richard Fallin (from Montgomery Police), “Deborah’s description of the grave site was very close to what it was … it was excellent.” And he the police officer continues, “The psychic in this case helped us out. I’m open to using psychics if she can help me I’m very pleased to take her help to help me close cases.”
Source: Psychic Investigations

33. PLACE: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 1987
Case: two teenage females raped, murdered. (episode Psychic Investigations ‘TUNNEL VISION’)
Psychic: Noreen Renier
Some of the evidence produced: saw face clearly, sketch made. Accurately describes the victims and how they died – they could not breath (plastic bag), saw blue truck, letter ‘R’ of the murderer, the police will get him when he’ll be 32 years old and will be wearing a mustache. (all confirmed to be accurate by Detective Jerry Moran). POLICE COMMENTS: Detective Jerry Moran said: " ... the sketch by Noreen turned out to be amazingly accurate … in hindsight the clues provided by Noreen were right … I’m glad I used a psychic because it opens up a whole new avenue of investigation we had nothing to lose by using her and everything to gain.”
Source: Psychic Investigations.

Case: teenage Jessica Reinhart murdered, house burnt.
Gifted Psychic: Karen Prisant (left)
Some of the evidence produced by the psychic: young man, blond hair, white man, not well-kept, rabbits in cages back of a house, (rabbits of the victim were to be later to be found in the suspect's home); he's around 5'9", at the time of the murder had a knife, he sat the house of fire, in police car directing where to find the suspect ... tells police of two names that repeatedly come to her 'Lucille' amd 'Merilyn' - turned out to be names of two streets where suspect's house was on the corner of the two streets.

POLICE COMMENTS:1) Detective Ray Folsom: "The time I spent with Karen (the psychic) gave me a lot of insight. I think with someone like Karen coming in, getting focussed .. that's not a bad idea.
2) Robert Windham CSI Albany Police Dept. " Highly unusual to bring in a psychic for investigation but if traditional techniques do not work, then produce any method available"
(espcially using gifted psychics).

Source: Psychic Detectives. 'HARE EVIDENCE'

35. PLACE: Santa Clara Sheriff's Department.
CASE: Norma Hofer missing, murdered
Some of the evidence produced by the psychic:
told police Norma Hofer has been strangled; she was at a party the night of the murder; murderer wrapped her in a blanket; she's on near the top of a hill; there are some houses nearby; you will find the critical vehicle in an underground garage; ingerprints and blood of the vitim in the vehicle.
POLICE COMMENTS: Captain Gary Colla: "she (the psychic) gave me accurate information the first time, why can't it be true for the second time (this was when the police were desperately wanting to find the critical victim's car. Police found the car where the psychic told them it would be found). It turns out that Donielle (the psychic) was an investigator too, like a fingerprint expert or an expert analyzing clother fiber ... was one piece of the puzzle that helped bring it all together .. a very well done job."
Deputy Michelle Sandri: The psychic "makes you believe in psychics! Because of the psychic we resolved it rel quick instead of taking months or years. .."

SOURCE: Psychic Detectives

36. PLACE: Sharon Police Department
Case: Darrell Cozart Missing, found murdered
Forensic psychic: Mary Ellen Rodrigues
Some of the psychic's evidence: something happened to Darrell, keeps telling me the same word over and over Fickel; he's been shot a few times, there's a rope around his head; lying in swamp; face up; you will find him before Tuesday.
POLICE COMMENTS: Capt. Jerry Smith, "I don't know how to explain it. I don't know if I believe in it. I just know that it happened ... there's no explanation for it! Darrell (the murdered) kept telling the psychic (from the afterlife) 'Fickel', 'Fickel' ... It was only after we arrested the suspect that it dawned on me it was his (the suspect's) surname ... that was exact ..."

37. PLACE: MARYLAND State Police
CASE; James Outten missing, later found dead
Forensic psychic: Noreen Renier
Some of the psychic's evidence: 'they knew each other', 'they were friends', 'there was hate and anger at the time of the killing'; 'I see a number 4 ... a pathway which will lead to a two storey very old house ..."
POLICE COMMENTS ON PSYCHIC: Sgt. Hank Brittingham, "I found number 4 and the path which led to the old house exactly the way Noreen (the psychic) described it ... It was very satisfying this finally closed. I believe Noreen helped us tremendously ... I believe Noreen is special. She helped us and she could help many other agencies they struggle with murders they cannot solve ..."

CASE: ‘Secrets of the Deep’ – Armond La Forestith
FORENSIC PSYCHIC: Ann Fisher (20 years with the police)
Some of the forensic psychic’s information:
- gave police directions drawing a map
- see victim in water (eventually found in a car totally submerged in water.
- hears tire screeching
- trees in the area
- he was not alone at the time of death
- he was with a woman
- blond hair
- he’s in Mohawk river
POLICE COMMENTS: Lt. Alex Rinaldi, “The only reason why we searched the Mohawk river was because of the psychic telling us that’s where he (the victim) is – and we found him. In an investigation, if the family decides to employ a forensic psychic …and develop some type of information certainly I’m going to listen to it and will look into it – and if credible I’ll investigate."
Independent assessment – by Carol De Mare, Reporter Times Union, “Ann Fisher was instrumental in helping the family and ultimately helping the police for finding Armond"
. (the victim).


39. –Noreen Renier: another gifted ‘psychic’ assisting State police.’ Det. Joseph Uribe of Montana Dept. of Justice stated that the account given by gifted psychic Noreen Renier was “accurate in every detail”: where the assault took place, description of the assault, that it was an ambush, that a blue metal building was important in solving the crime, the sketch drawn from Noreen Renier’s descriptions was ‘perfect.’ The case of the disappearance of ‘Walter Sullivan’: the viewer must be just stunned by the accuracy of these gifted psychics in the television series PSYCHIC DETECTIVES series by Robyn Hutt, COURT TV. We hear tough senior police officers conceding that the assisting psychic was vital in solving the crime. For example, Noreen Renier stated that to her psychometry in this case was very important: physically picking up critical vibrations by touching the ‘bullit’ and ‘the keys.’ Very well done gifted psychic Noreen Renier!


Case: Andre Daigle - MIssing>murder ...'Midnight Strangers'
Forensic psychic: Rosemary Kerr
Police detective: Jim Gallaghar
Assistant D.A. Jefferson Parish: W.J. Le Blanc
Some of the Forensic Psychic information:
- Slidel (suburb) is important (police found the victim's motor vehicle)
- number 7 is important (police find suspect in apartment 7, highway exit was marked with the nuber '7').
- police find blood stain - critical evidence in apartment 7 which convicted the suspects.
- body near railroad track,
- just before he died, victim was with a female and two males
- body near bridge, railway lines ... water.
POLICE COMMENTS ON FORENSIC PSYCHIC: Detective Jim Gallaghar: "I was stunned and amazed what she (the psychic) told us ... the Prosecution decided it was very important for Rosemary (the psychic) to testify. She led the police directly to the killer. You can't dispute that ... that is a fact what happened ... I was skeptical prior to this but there's no doubt in my mind that Rosemary has a gift."

SOURCE: Psychic Investigations- Storyhouse Productions Tru-TV

CASE: Diana Goldston, missing > murdered.
Forensic Psychic: Carol Pate (picture, left)
Police: Detective Kenny Kirkland, Det. David Stewart
Some of the information by the Forensic Psychic:
- victim murdered
- suspect was heavy with drugs
- she sold flowers
- (showed police where the abduction took place)
- suspect believed victim stole money from him
- victim shot, can feel the bullett
- victim bled
- males were holding her physically
- they were keeping the victim down
- showed police where victim was murdered
- man and woman taking her out of the truck
- there's a jacket he took off the victim and threw it up in the air and landed on a tree
- dragged boy in the woods and left her there
- male returned and stumped victim in the neck with boots
- there's graffiti near the bridge where the body is.
Police Det. Kenny Kirkland's comment on the Forensic Psychic Carole Pate: "I remember what Carol Pate told me (about the case) and indeed it became true ... My reaction to the female confession accomplice I had heard it all before ... was told to me before by Carol .... We were shocked ...she (the psychic) was able to tell us what each person (overseeing several photographs) did and what their part was in the crime. She just reaffirmed that I don't know anybody who could do that ... to be able to narrow it down to just one place (from a huge area near Lake Roberts) ... it's pretty outstanding."
Carol Pate got several things right when dealing with the case ... and so Carol Pate obviously has some special gifts to be able to do things that a normal person cannot do. She was able to tell us things about the case she knew nothing about (before she started). It was pretty phenomenal she was able to do that."

Source: Psychic Investigations.

PSYCHIC HISTORY: WHEN SENIOR POLICE CONFIRM THAT FORENSIC MEDIUMS/PSYCHICS HAVE PARANORMAL GIFTS: in 1964Edgewater's Police Commissioner John A Nash stated, "Florence (the psychic-medium) has helped police in New Jersey for over thirty years". Captain John Cronin of New York's Missing Persons Bureau stated, "I've known Florence twenty-five years. She is right seventy-five percent of the time." For more cases when police give brilliant attestations to the forensic psychic mediums. We must never forget, there were times when gifted forensic psychics informed the police WHERE to find the missing body; the GENDER, the AGE and the NAME of the victim, and WHO killed the victim.

BRILLIANT BRILLIANT PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: POLICE OFFICER & PROSECUTING ATTORNEY CONFIRM PSYCHIC'S GIFTS - XENIA POLICE DEPT., OHIO (U.S.): person missing, just blood on ground. No body, no clues, no suspect, no speculations about the crime. MEDIUM was called by the police for assistance: gifted medium Karyal Kirkpatrick (left with prosecuting attorney Bill Shenk) gives police critical information about the matter: “Triangle situation - 3 people involved. Jealousy. Violence. Victim shot. Victim had been moved to a shallow grave in woods. Leaves. Near wooden fence. Sound of rushing water. I see a blue car to do with the murderer …(to the police) you are driving around the victim’s body.” DETECTIVE DAN SAVAGE: stated to millions of television viewers in his own words, "We found the psychic was to be absolutely right: she was right the victim was shot. She was right about the blue car. She was right about the rushing water. She was right about the lover's triangle. She was right about the wooden fence. She was right about the shallow grave, about the leaves…” The direct and indirect message to the television viewers: “ I’d call her again in future investigations.” BILL SCHENK: Prosecutor Attorney, Greene County, Ohio,: stated words to the effect that without the medium Karyal Kirkpatric the case might not have been solved).

(More cases later on)

-- Victor Zammit (last update January 2011)