David Thompson and Circle of the Silver Cord
Sunday 18th March 2007

What happens to Pets in the Afterlife?

Victor: Over the years I have had a number of emails concerning pets and I have had people saying that they loved their pets for so many years about as long as 16 years, some of them 20 years and they want to know if pets survive and I tell them, “yes, pets do survive”. But one question is what happens to their pets in the interval between the pets crossing over and the time the pet “owner” crosses over.

William: Well, let me tell you this my friend; As with young David’s pet rat and other animals, they are looked after by his family members to be returned to him on his transition to the world of Spirit. So, my friend, they are looked after by loved ones and friends that are in the world of Spirit. Let me tell you this way; If I was upon the Earth-Plane and I had a dear canine that I loved dearly and I had to go away for a holiday, and I entrusted yourself and your dear lady wife, Wendy, to look after him – would you not do that? In love and harmony and of course, when I return, would you not return the animal to me?

Absolutely, yes of course.

William: That is the same within the world of Spirit, my friend. Someone looks after the animals in love and passes the animal back to the person when you return to the world of Spirit. Of course, there is no ownership. The animal only resides with the person if it was shown love for no other reason. So merely feeding an animal is not sufficient.
Victor: Right

William: You must love the animal also to allow the connection to take place.

Victor: And how long in the Afterlife will the pets last William? Do they last for a long, long time?

William: As long as what any other individual does, my friend.