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Those who knew me at the time - some were senior politicians, senior lawyers and judges - knew it was a set up and an attempt to discredit me because what I was doing was legitimate legal work to protect my clients from most unconscionable governmental constitutional discrimination.

There were two critical things: one, that the then KGB wanted to co-operate to get themselves a foothold in Malta - to penetrate national security in Malta, as they had penetrated with every other known national security service in the world. The KGB willingly obliged knowing they were 'creating a debt' that Mintoff would have to repay- and did not ask questions. Secondly, the Ambassador J Forace (remote viewing identified him as a ‘KGB baggage boy’) stated words and conduct to the effect when he used to get highly intoxicated in clubs – that there was deep pro-Soviet mole penetration at the highest level into an intelligence service (the pro-Soviet mole, apparently retired in 2000).

This was something which subsequently was also stated by other informed observers in the print media and on ABC television. I repeat, whilst other intelligent agencies were fooled for a time, the Americans and the Mossad were not fooled by the KGB disinformation. They eventually dismissed the disinformation about me fully accepting I was doing legitimate work as a lawyer for my clients against a Socialist government.

One very important issue that was picked up by remote viewing was that the High Commissioner J Forace had covert links with the Soviets before he was appointed as a High Commissioner. (Why this issue was not picked up by national security at the time, is still a mystery - unless his appointment was aided and abetted by those with vested interests in him). Also that he misled and even concocted circumstances to persuade - and fool his Prime Minister to utilize the services of the KGB. Retrospective assessment shows that this 'communist Forace' often abused his position for personal benefit and was the worst High Commissioner Malta ever had for Australia.

I again state remote viewing is immensely valuable and persuasive and hugely valuable in national security matters – no doubt about that! Read more about REMOTE VIEWING...

* Next week: a major objective remote viewing result was published (in one of my books) for public consumption seven years before the predicted event actually occurred.

**Roger Moore, actor/narrator on KGB's activities in one of the documentaries on the KGB states (from a script by an expert spy historian) that "the KGB penetrated every know spy agency in the world."

*** Former CIA chief of counter espionage Soviet section Aldrich Ames, was dobbed in 1994 by former KGB senior operative for being a pro-Soviet mole inside the CIA for a sum alleged to have been seven million dollars.