A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

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By Jurgen Ziewe author of Multi-Dimensional Man and Vistas of Infinity. AND See Website.

" I received a message from a person whose uncle had taken his own life after being ill and suffering a great deal from the consequences of alcoholism. I would like to share what I wrote to him and what I have learned from hundreds of out of body experiences, visiting the afterlife states which i have amply described in two of my books (lately in "Vistas of Infinity").

I told the person that the best way to understand his uncles post-life condition would naturally be by projecting to him via an induced OBE. As this is hard or impossible for most people to do we simply need to understand what is actually taking place with our loved ones when we surround them with love energy. How will they experience it? What will they actually see and feel from their position in the afterlife state they are in.

I would like to consider the worst case scenario, because unless we project, we cannot know what our loved ones are going through because we cannot know whether other higher energies or agencies may have taken control over the situation or not.

So to be on the safe side I am taking this worst case scenario from my own astral travel experiences with people who had prolonged, negative experiences, fixations and suffering and found it hard to let go after they crossed over.

In these protracted mental states people often find it hard to break the conditioned shells and habitual states when they cross over. On occasion their state of mind may put them into a dark environment or they may cocoon themselves in self pity. If this happens there is a lot we can do.

We can put ourselves mentally in their presence, using imagination, with kindness, goodwill and love. This is how our loved one is likely to experience it:

He/she will become aware of your luminous energy. If other living relatives participate, this will even be much stronger. Lets say they still feel depression and sadness. Their environment will light up, a little at first, and they will feel a comforting energy surrounding them. This will allow them to release sadness, they will probably cry and a large part of his build up tension will be released as a result. As you keep imagining yourself near them, perhaps with you arms around him or her, they will become aware of your emotional astral bodies, which will be perceived by them as a benevolent, warming, comforting and illuminating energy. They are likely to see your apparition.

They will observe their environment lighting up. Lets say his or her depression had taken them to a bleak corner of the afterlife, perhaps quite dark like night, they will now see the morning dawning into daylight. They may find themselves now surrounded by lush green, there will be flowers reacting to your energy and opening and blossoming as their spirits are lifted. Slowly but surely, with your continuing help, they will come to realise that they have woken from a bad dream, that all the pain and suffering are gone and they are now in the presence of much more positive energies and their environment is transformed into a very beautiful surrounding, a new dawn, a new life.

Naturally they will attract new helpers who will take over from you if they haven't done so already, perhaps before you even sent your first energy, but we don't know this and we want to be sure.

For you and your family there is really no reason to be sad or concerned as you can be assured of their gratitude and love being reciprocated. In fact every time you feel love you will become aware of their presence. So the feeling of mourning, of separation will gradually fade. I know this from experience, as I am still connected to all the people I have lost and feel no loss whatsoever. Every time I feel love for them I can feel theirs and I know for certain that death cannot separate us.

I want you to know this as well. "