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Harry Houdini, magician -
1874 – 1926 VOICE OF HOUDINI

Here are some reasons why Houdini’s voice (celebrities’ and others’ voices) may sound different to when they were alive. One has to understand that spirit communication is enormously complex- it’s not like picking up a telephone.

1. In the afterlife, those who materialize do not speak through their own voice box; they no longer have any vocal organs. They have to use either the medium’s vocal cords coated with ectoplasm or an ‘ectoplasmic’ voice box (modelled on the mediums’ voice box) which is shared by a number of spirits. Because they are using the medium’s life force there will be traces of the medium’s voice in all the voices.

2. The voices of the same spirit will sound different at different times depending on the amount of energy in the séance room. The energy level in materializations vary according to a number of things – eg a a doubting, semi-skeptic could reduce the energy level.

3. In the spirit world people communicate telepathically and they have to remember how they spoke when they were on earth- sometimes many years before.

4. Those who are new to communicating usually have a lot of difficulty saying even one word. Some just manage a few garbled sounds. We were informed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a friend of Houdini in the afterlife, that speaking during materialization “is like trying to speak with your head under water.”

5. We cannot assume that they can hear auditory feedback. They keep asking “am I coming through” and “can you hear me?”.

6. William, David’s own guide from the afterlife, tells us that sometimes those who materialize obtain help in vocalising from others. This means that those others who assist in vocalizing would inevitably influence the pace, rhythm, tonality, resonance – even the accent. When Houdini first came through he had problems vocalizing. William told us that Louis Armstrong, a regular guest in David Thompson’s materializations was helping Houdini to vocalize – hence the Southern influence in Houdini’s voice.

7. We found that the voices of some who materialized are closer to their original voice than others– especially those who were physical mediums. British afterlife experts such as Arthur Findlay, Montague Keen and master-medium Gordon Higginson materialized using a voice very close to the voice they had when on earth. Louis Armstrong’s voice is unmistakably the same as he had when on earth. (More about these voices later on). So is the voice of stage entertainer Quentin Crisp (a movie was made on him The Civil Servant’). The best voice we have – of Gordon Higginson got a correlation of ‘1’ he had perfect resonance, pitch, accent and pace – when we matched his voice years ago when we were doing voice correlations.

8. The only way you can tell 100% that people who come through are who they claim to be in through reunions in which the speaker is recognised by a loved one attending the session. My own sister came through with her own voice, personality and mannerisms. So did Wendy’s father more than thirty years in the afterlife. What counts is the specific shared memories. I have witnessed over 200 materializations and over 100 reunions in David Thompson’s circle. When a circle has a track record of such reunions as David Thompson’s circle does, it gives credibility for the spirit team organising the circle.

9. I asked ‘William’, the spirit convenor of the circle, if he can assure us that those who come through are who they claim to be. He assured us that they are. He said it is the same as if we were organising a panel of celebrities on our side.

10. Houdini in the audio tapes was confident enough to tell us to match his voice “ You can always do one of your voice correlations with my voice …”.

So that gives us some idea of the complexities involved and why voices from the afterlife sometimes sound different. Louis Armstrong says that one reason he comes through so frequently is because he has mastered the communication process and his voice is both unique and widely known.

The celebrities in David’s team are dedicated to proving to people that life goes on and removing the fear of death. They say that they are working with David and William because materialization mediums are very rare. We know of only three others in the world who are publicly doing full materialization – and reunions.

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