A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife


Summary of Father François Brune’s talk

by Edouard LEFEVRE

François Brune is a French catholic priest and theologian who went to Italy in 1993 to meet Marcello Bacci to listen to voices of deceased people through an old radio set. He discussed with one of the entities who knew well that he was a priest interested in theology as well as in paranormal phenomena.

François Brune summarizes the development of EVP in the world. The documents that he gathered show that at death the silver cord is severed and that the spirit has a new, more ethereal, body .

Those who have not lived a loving life on earth find themselves in an intermediate state in which they do not know where, or even who, they are.

Father Brune speaks about the different means of communication between the spirit world and the Earth: poltergeist, automatic writing, EVP and then recalls his own experiences of communication with his recently deceased brother.

I summing up his studies of transcommunication Father François Brune says that we should not waste our time on earth: ‘let us learn to love’.