A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife


Father Francois Brune
By Dr. Anabela Cardoso

Extracted from an interview ITC Journal No 47

" For the few readers who do not know it, I must tell that Father Brune is a renowned Catholic theologian, an author well-known in the world, albeit and unfortunately, perhaps not so much in the English speaking countries. He writes basically in French but knows a number of other languages, namely German, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. He has published, or has been translated, into some of those.

There must be something very out of the ordinary, one of these subtle motives which we cannot pinpoint, that make me like Father Brune in a very special way.

His book ‘Les Morts nous Parlent’ (The Dead Speak to Us) was a great success a few years ago. I seem to recall that this was the first book on the survival of consciousness to physical death that I read. This happened many years ago, long before I started my ITC experimentation. And I was stunned by it; to me it was a kind of revelation of things unimaginable.

His conviction and his knowledge of the evidence that points towards the survival of consciousness hypothesis are so convincing and encompassing that after knowing Father Brune, I believe anybody of sensibility and intelligence will seriously ponder on the possibility of survival of physical death, even if he or she started on the path as a sceptic.

Perhaps it is his conviction that becomes contagious or perhaps his aura overwhelms any resistance. He is erudite, not only in ITC but in mysticism, mediumship and many other areas related to the spiritual side of life. He is a fascinating living encyclopaedia!

Other aspects of François Brune’s personality that greatly strike me are his intelligence, his wisdom and, of course, his fine sensitivity. One can discuss any subject with him and the conversation will always be fluid, interesting and intellectually gratifying.

Father François Brune, a theologian, a man with a deep knowledge of what we call the ‘paranormal’, is also a perfect example of Christianity. Although I am deeply attached to the transcendence of life, which I feel as an inseparable attribute of it, I follow no religion and do not particularly like religions because I much prefer to remain a free thinker.

But I never fail to be impressed by Father Brune’s goodness, warmth and by his eulogy of Christ’s love. When, very intelligently and honestly, he is critical of the Catholic Church, it is invariably on behalf of Christ’s love, the bright guiding star in his life.

I am sure all who can read French will agree with my words after reading one or two of his excellent books. His inner nature, his human and intellectual quality can also be perceived through his work. We expect to be able to translate into English some of his work for publication in one of the next issues of our journal.

It is an honour to know François Brune. It is a privilege to be his friend and to be the recipient of his kindness, knowledge and wise words whenever we meet. An encounter with him never fails to move me.

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(The books above are just a sample of his most important works).

VIdeo intervew with Father Brune- [Thanks to Mr. Ron Ruiz from Idigitalmedium for this rare video of Farther Brune speaking in English.]